Good Fortunes: I Met My Love & Found Amazing Job When Playing Swtor

Posted by gracedashen on January 11th, 2016

To be honest, I just want to share with you guys how amazing 2015 was for me because something highly improbable that happened to me. In the process of playing Swtor, I got an ideal job and find my true love Joann who I met in this game. Now, he is important to me as swtor credits to Swtor.

Since I graduated from university, I had a hard time getting an ideal job at that moment. It was rough and I felt depressed. The only joy in my life at the time was to play Swtor. Gradually, I met with some friends and we shared our thoughts, cooperated with each other and fought against opponents bravely. Time went by so quickly that I decided to search for a job. Although thousands of interviews had been made, I didn't find an ideal one. One day, when I kept my eyes on the screen to scan all types of jobs online, at that time a call attract my attention immediately. The moment I picked up it, a sound came from the other side and said:“Welcome to New York, We Needs You … .”I burst into tears immediately and tons of good memories and times spent with friends and Joann in game occurred to me endlessly.

Two weeks later, I flew from the east coast of the US to New York. After landing, all my old friends in Swtor appeared in the airport and I found Joann in the crowds who stood here smiling to me gently. Quickly, I became one of the members of the creative studio which is mainly engaged in interior design and planning. Busy as it was, we felt proud of our career and we were planning to create a warm & free living atmosphere for our guests. Now, everything is awesome. I come home from work every day and jump on Swtor with Joann who had proposed to me last month. And we planned to marry with each other by the end of 2016.

Dear friends! This is my story and I owed a lot to this game. I am willing to share how Swtor changed my life in the following days. At present, we still spend some money onswtor credits for sale to get supplements for our character and swtor credits sale on is not a bad choice. It's been exactly 1 year to the day since I embarked on this adventure. I couldn't be happier right now. It was just like a dream to move closer to my friend so that we could be together. I feel so happy to share you guys the incredible things in game and I sincerely hope that all of you can make impossible things happen to you one day! Happy 2016!

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