Planning a River Tubing Trip: 8 Tips for a Fun-filled River Floating Day

Posted by dynamohi on January 11th, 2016

Does any summertime party activity beat soaking up the sun, a cold drink in hand, and floating down a 72-degree water river in a cozy tube? Judging by the growing popularity of river tubing, few summertime pastimes can guarantee as much fun. Following are great tips to help you plan an adventurous but safe tubing trip.

1. Don’t go alone

For the best time at an organized river tubing site, carpool with friends. Fun loves good company. Your friends will also remind you to do stuff like putting on sunscreen.

2. Buy or rent a tube and a cooler

Many tubing sites offer rental tubes. If you plan to rent a tube, come with cash and your photo ID. You can also get your own tube. Get a double tube if you want to float with your special one. You can bring a cooler secured on a tube. You can also buy a floating cooler.

3. Remember to apply and re-apply sunscreen

You need your sunblock and lip balm during a tubing trip. Apply the sunscreen before going in the water, half an hour after getting in the water, and every hour after that.

4. Bring a hat and sunglasses

A hat will protect your scalp, and the sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun. You don't have to bring your favorite, expensive, designer eyewear. I lost a pair of Oakleys once that are probably in the Gulf by now! Take along your older stuff and you will still be okay.

5. Bring water shoes or old sneakers

Walking on flip flops or barefoot can be painful. Springs in Florida sometimes have rocky and unforgiving river bottoms. If there are sharp objects, you risk getting injured. Flip flops can easily fall off, and you can lose them altogether. Wear water shoes or your old sneakers and you shall be fine and safe.

6. Bring a dry change of clothes

You don't want to ride home in wet, river-smelling clothes. Take along extra clothes and leave them in the car. After the day's fun, change the wet clothes and stow the wet stuff in a plastic bag.

7. Bring enough water and snacks

You will be burning calories, and you will need to reenergize. Make sure to pack enough stuff to eat. You will also need lots of cold water to keep you hydrated and well-protected from heat stroke.

8. Adults must accompany kids

Children cannot go to a river tubing trip unaccompanied by adults. If you are bringing the kids, it's best to have them wear life jackets. If your route involves a stretch with rapidly moving water, the kids should also wear helmets.

Follow the above river tubing tips and you will have a fabulous time in one of the most spectacular springs in Florida. If you love music, you can also bring a waterproof radio. And if beer is allowed, don’t overindulge.


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