What is Renewable Energy?

Posted by pacificlightsingpaore on January 11th, 2016

Renewable energy is such kind of energy obtained from natural resources which can be naturally renewed or replenished within a human lifespan. Therefore, it is also a sustainable source of energy. Renewable energy refers to renewable non-fossil energy sources that can be obtained from the nature. It includes wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and ocean energy and so on. Some natural resources, such as wind, sunshine, and moving water are not at risk of exhaustion from their use for energy production. While biomass is a renewable resource only when its rate of consumption will not exceed its rate of regeneration.

As the development of technology, a wide range of energy-producing technologies and equipment has been created and developed over time to take advantage of these natural resources. Therefore, usable energy can be produced in the form of industrial heat, transportation fuels, electricity, or thermal energy for space and water conditioning.

Singapore is located in the sunshine region in Asia. The location is good with more 50% sunshine than in other temperate regions. That makes solar energy will become the core of the clean energy industry in Singapore in the future. Solar energy is energy obtained from the sun in the form of light and radiated heat. The sun’s radiant energy can be taken advantage to provide lighting and heating for buildings as well as to produce electricity. In the past history, solar energy has been used through passive solar technologies involving the strategic location of buildings plus various elements of these buildings. For instance, windows, thermal masses and overhangs. Such practices might take advantage of the sun for space heating and lighting so that to significantly reduce the use of electrical and mechanical equipment. However, solar energy can be used only if the sunlight is not blocked by buildings, clouds or other obstacles and only during the day and.

Wind energy is another important renewable energy in Singapore. Increasing the development and utilization of wind energy has become the consensus of the global energy sector. Wind power generation has resulted in annual output value of more than 5 billion-dollar in the world. More than 50 countries are actively promoting the development of wind energy.

Using renewable energy not only can save resources and eliminate waste but more efficient with lower consumption and fewer emissions than using primary resources. In addition, the healthy and rapid development of renewable energy industry will give impetus to the development of a large number of related industries, and create jobs for the city. The United States has shown that renewable energy has higher labour-intensive than conventional power generation.

As the fast development of renewable energy in Singapore, it will not only provide better and suitable environment for people but also greatly reduce the energy bills.

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