The Sun Belt All Year Round

Posted by GrangerGroup on January 11th, 2016

Lake Tahoe and the region surrounding it is a very diverse region. Many towns and communities have their own distinctive personalities, and the physical landscapes vary depending on which edge of the lake you find it.

TheNorth Shore of Lake Tahoe, specifically from Tahoe Vista and the stretch east, is known as the Sun Belt.

There are several reasons for this. Primarily: it gets more sun. The northern hemisphere gets its sunlight from the south, and so, accordingly, Lake Tahoe’s northern strip looks to the south and faces the sun.

Because of the sunlight it faces, the Sun Belt also gets less snow. The snow it does get, though, is the most brilliant, gleamingly white snow you might ever see – because of the sun shining off of it. (Don’t go for a stroll without your sunglasses; sunlight glinting off the snow can actually be a serious hazard, especially for drivers!)

Some say locals are friendlier in the Sun Belt; this correlates with psychological research that sunlight and vitamin D tend to produce happier, healthier bodies.

It’s a local colloquialism, mostly – those who don’t live or at least frequently visit Lake Tahoe typically haven’t heard of the sun belt, which is a shame, because it’s home to some of the very best of many, many things.

In the winter, the north side of the region offers world-class skiing, with many resorts in easy driving distance. And near to the shore itself, there are loads of convenient equipment rental and snow tour shops. The Sun Belt is a splendid home base for winter sports lovers, and for those who’d rather just relax and enjoy company, there are plenty of nice, quiet establishments for sipping warm beverages and catching up with old acquaintances.

In the summertime, the Sun Belt is the best place to be – exquisite direct access to the lake makes it easy to dive in for a swim or hop into a boat or Jet Ski. All year round, the Sun Belt is a perfect central location for all the outdoor activities you could hope to find.

Investing in a vacation home on the North Shore would provide year-round entertainment and a fantastic vacation for anyone staying there. From taverns and restaurants to outdoor excursions, the North Shore is a perfect central location for adventurous families.

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