Zirconia And E-Max Crowns - Durability And Esthetics

Posted by ridgetopdental on January 11th, 2016

Being a leading centre for modern dentistry in Northern Virginia, one of the most common questions that the experts at Ridgetop Dental are asked is-which type of dental crown is better. While, there is no definite answer to this question, the decision definitely belongs to the patient and the budget that he/she has in mind. Still, there are some features which you can consider before you finally decide to get your dental crowns. Here is an informative article on Zirconia and E-max crowns, brought to you by Ridgetop Dental-the best centre for advanced dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Northern VA.


The E-Max crown is basically all-ceramic crown, with translucent appearance which is known for its durability and aesthetic qualities. They are esthetically very pleasing and blend easily with your natural teeth, which ensure they compliment the rest of your teeth. E-max is usually used to make full crowns.

If you have damaged, stained or poor quality teeth, you are the right candidate for this type of crown.

What is it made of?

E-max crown is made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic, which is known for its sturdiness, durability and opaque qualities.

Advantages of an E-Max crown

Blends with your natural teeth: It easily matches with your own natural teeth. Its transparent colour and lifelike shape makes it one of the most popular choices for crowns. There is no metal alloy base with this crown, so there is no unsightly looking grey line around the gum line, which is another plus point.

They are strong, long lasting and are sturdier as compared to many other types of crowns. They are considered to be at less risk for cracking, chipping compared to other crown materials, such as Zirconia crowns, but they may be pricier than other types of crowns.

Zirconium Crown

It is also a type of all-ceramic crown, which is worn to improve the appearance a disfigured or stained tooth/teeth. It is made from Zirconia, which is a type of very strong crystal that is compatible with the human body. Zirconia is only used as a core and rest of the crown is built up with porcelain, which is used to add the lifelike characterizations.

Advantages of Zirconium crowns

According to Ridgetop Dental’s expert cosmetic dentists in Northern Virginia, Zirconium is fast becoming a popular choice for dental crowns, due to the following advantages it offers:

  • It is long lasting and indestructible
  • It is translucent, so blends easily with natural teeth
  • Less removal of natural tooth; minimal preparation is required
  • No Metal fuse
  • It can be easily shaped to look like our natural teeth.
  • It is compatible with human body, so there is no fear of rejection or allergic reaction.

E-max or Zirconia-which one should you choose?

It’s a very difficult to answer question and the choice totally depends on a patient’s personal needs and budget. There are many other factors, which will help you decide the best crown material for your needs, for example teeth grinding habit, your lifestyle, eating habits etc. So, talk to Ridgetop Dental’s expert dentists today to know your options better.

The experts at Ridgetop Dental’s Northern Virginia Dental clinic will help you decide the best dental treatment by carefully assessing your needs.

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