Four reasons to buy weed in bulk even if you arenít a dealer

Posted by Wholesale Bud on June 22nd, 2021

Years ago, owning a lot of weed was seen as an illegal practice that could result in jail time and heavy fines. But, this isn’t the case anymore.

However, people think that only weed dealers buy cannabis in bulk. Well, let’s keep that concept as a misconception. This is because the cannabis community is flourishing as cannabis has various benefits. In fact, legalization has open doors to many possibilities. 

We hope this article will give you insights into how buying weed in Bulk from an online dispensary is a sound choice even if you aren’t a dealer. 

1- The more you have, the better: Let’s talk the facts. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was challenging to get hold of cannabis products as everything was closed. 

This only says that when you buy cannabis in little quantity, you run out of stash sooner than you imagine. This results in ordering and waiting for the package to deliver. 

But when you have your weed in bulk, you have enough time to run out and book for more before everything runs out. 

2- It costs way less: One of the best reasons to buy bulk weed is that you spend significantly less. The price drop on wholesale buds is incredible. 

Hypothetically speaking, If you buy a single joint for, let’s say, , you get roughly a gram. But when you buy half an ounce, the price of each joint will drop to or . Likewise, the more your quantity increases, the lesser it costs. 

So, if you can save a dollar or two, why not? 

3- Medical patients need it: Medical patients buy cannabis to turn it into oil. A single bud isn’t capable of making enough oil. Processing half an ounce of weed can convert into 3 grams of tinctures or oil. So, imagine how much would it take to make 80gms to 90gms of oil? Only a bulk quantity of weed can do that. 

Buying cannabis in small quantities can certainly prove expensive for a medical patient. Therefore, it makes more sense to buy bulk cannabis. 

4- You need it and edibles: Besides smoking, you can do a lot with bulk cannabis at your home. You get the chance of becoming creative and experimenting. 

When you have a lot of weed, you can bake cookies, make some budder, DIY topicals like balm and lotion for their anti-inflammatory properties, and much more. With the right sources to refer to, there are endless things one can make from weed. 

Signing off

There you have it. These are the four reasons why bulk buying cannabis from an online weed dispensary in Canada should not be considered a crime. 

To buy your stash at an affordable price, connect with Wholesale Bud. 

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