Depression does not have an age limit, striking a person to mentally destroy it

Posted by Awakening Wellness on June 22nd, 2021

The phrase is true that depression doesn’t have an age limit, it can strike to a kid of 5 years and also to an old of 60 years. This case of metal attribution occurs when an individual faces a traumatic incident, connected directly or indirectly to his or her life of certain matters of interest. Depression is a gateway that can easily lead to many deadly disorders, as well as a chronic state of mind that can completely be changing the mental balance, mostly negatively, and rarely positive. The after-effects of the mental state of mind can be reflected by the continuously falling off the quality of life, and the disordered sense of carrying yourself. I was in my 7th standard when I first encountered the feeling of Depression and mainly nervous breakdowns.

From the early days of my life I can be identified as a thin and lanky person, this was the reason my friends started teasing me, they made fun of me, and they always mocked me. Calling me by various names that they felt were very fun, once it was like the whole class was against me teasing. I discussed this with my mom, then she advised me to just ignore them, and then they will stop doing so. I followed my mother’s advice, as a result, the situation was just the opposite, and they started teasing me even more at my ignorance. Then I finally discussed this matter with my parents, they said they will stop with time.

Hello, and welcome my name is Rakesh Kaul, this is my incidental story. I started going sleepless, doesn’t have a proper appetite, got ill or health problems more often, etc. This behavior of mine was noticed by my parents, they decided to take me up to a doctor. The doctor advised me to visit a psychiatrist, after doing so, I was diagnosed with mild depression, and then my therapist advised me to take therapies at the Depression Treatment in New Delhi, where they comforted me and advised me to prove myself rather than being a silent viewer.

I started working over my education and in that year of my school, I not only topped in my class rather in my School. When I was facilitated on the stage, then the faces of these bullies were worth watching. I thank Depression Treatment in New Delhi as they helped me get over my depression, and face the bullies by being victorious. Depression Treatment in New Delhi is one of the best research centers of the world, as they not only treat people, rather focus on giving them a new style of living.

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