Things To Know Before Starting With Iceland Trips

Posted by gjtraveliceland on January 12th, 2016

If you are planning for a vacation in Iceland for the very first time, then there are few things that you should be aware of before starting your Iceland trip. Here, we will discuss few significant points that will be very helpful for you on your trip.

  • The climate of Iceland is very unpredictable. If you are planning for whole day outing for all possible sightseeing then you should be prepared with windbreaker jacket and glover, waterproof jackets and umbrella to avoid any discomfort due to unexpected climatic change.
  • If you are planning for the Iceland trips through renting a car over there, then you should opt for manuals rather than automatics, as manuals are much cheaper. If you are renting a car then take good caution at the time of driving as we have already told you about the unpredictable climatic change in Iceland. You should also get familiar with different road signs of the place before getting on the road with your car to avoid any trouble.
  • No need to worry about lots of money exchange while your Iceland trip as you can use your credit card at almost every place other than the parking meters and local flea market. You should keep some change handy if you are planning for whole day outing so maybe you will require to visit public toilets where you have to pay some cash.

Iceland trip

  • If you have planed for a long holiday trip to Iceland then it is advisable to get a local mobile sim-card of Iceland to get an easy access of the 3G network even if you are visiting any remote area where it can work properly.
  • You should not pay any additional tip while having your meal at any local restaurants of Iceland, as they include the tip money in your total bill.
  • As water over here is heated with the use of geothermal energy. Hence, you might get a faucets smell coming from the water that is a bit similar to the smell of sulfur, yet the water  is very safe. If you don’t like that smell then you can use the cold water too, very much safe to use.
  • If you are carrying any of your electronic appliances then make sure that you do bring an adaptor along. Iceland uses Schuko-Plug/Europlug that has two prongs of round shape. Hence, find a suitable converter to accommodate 220 volts for access.
  • The last but most important thing for your Iceland excursionis a proper travel guide for the proper guidance of several popular tourist destinations of Iceland.  

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