4 Habits of Engaging Workplace Leaders

Posted by Successories on June 22nd, 2021

Good habits can be powerful tools in many areas of life. When it comes to leading a team, having a set of intentional habits can help you become a more inspiring and engaging leader. As you know, there’s more to uniting a team than barking orders and managing schedules. Interpersonal skills can make the difference, and developing the right habits will help you sharpen yours. From giving frequent appreciation gifts to letting your actions speak louder than words, try to adopt these four habits.

Focus on Actions

Your team looks to you for guidance, whether they specifically ask for it or you can just tell through silent observation. Do your actions follow your words? Are you leading by example, or do you operate by a different set of rules? From big things like following through on promises to more minor things like being in the office on the Friday before a holiday, your actions show your team more about your management approach and priorities than words ever could. Aim to develop the habit of letting your actions speak louder than words.

Continuously Improve Your Management Style

While the general responsibilities of a leadership position might look the same as they did a decade ago, your approach has almost certainly had to change. It’s crucial for managers and leaders in all fields to focus on evolving their management style to best fit the team’s needs, the company’s current goals, and workplace culture as a whole. If something is working, there might not be a need to immediately change it. However, if you notice that something isn’t working, don’t feel bound to it. Look for ways to evolve your approach and meet the moment.

Never Keep It Strictly Business

Your employees have lives outside of the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work hours. You know this, but it can be all too easy to keep things too professional and work-related in the office or virtual workspace. Engaging leaders aim to connect with their team members on a deeper level. Showing interest in their hobbies and life outside of the office is a big part of building that trust and connection. Make it a point to ask your employees about their weekends, what they have going on at home, and their personal goals. They’ll be more likely to follow you in the future when you’ve built a genuine connection with them.

Be Positive

As the old expression goes, it’s easier to catch flies with honey instead of vinegar. Positivity in the workplace can do wonders for the team’s overall morale and could generate positive results. This isn’t to say you should alter your entire personality to be a bubbly, fun person if that’s not who you genuinely are. Instead, aim to offer an optimistic approach to management, encouraging your team to reach its full potential rather than commanding it. Whether you choose to give executive gifts for a job well done or you just break out your favorite jokes on occasion, there’s always room for positivity in the modern workplace.

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