Oxbow rabbit food and rabbit hutch, keeping rabbits healthy and safe

Posted by aimewolf on January 12th, 2016

Rabbits are delicate creatures not just by their looks. There are specific ways to care for them and help them to live a full and healthy life. First, you’ve got to find a good rabbit hutch that can shelter your small pet, give them enough space and keep them safe and warm. Then we’ve got nutrition to think about, in which Oxbow rabbit food tops the list of preferences, with the right combinations of hay for young and adult rabbits. You also need to know how much water a rabbit needs, what kind of daily care and medical attention will it need if you are planning to get a rabbit. Thanks to online pet shops, you can browse through a variety of products within a very short period of time and order what you need.

Food and water for rabbits

How old is your rabbit? Depending on whether it is young or old you need to choose Oxbow rabbit food which is usually considered to be the preferred choice as a small animal food. However, experts say that pellets should be used as a supplement and not as a substitute to natural food including dark green and leafy vegetables. They should be fed in small amounts according to what the veterinarian suggests. If you are brining rabbits home for the first time you need to be extra careful about feeding them. They need to be fed with appropriate amounts of calcium, protein and calories. A constant supply of hay is good for their digestive system which requires fibre to function properly. As for fresh water, there should be constant supply of it, so changing that bowl of water frequently is important if you wish to see your little friend healthy.

Rabbit hutch

Getting a spacious and comfortable rabbit hutch is extremely important, unless you make everything at home rabbit-safe and unchewable. If this seems like unattainable then get a hutch before you get your rabbit. They can be made from wood or metal and each rabbit hutch comes with a distinct design ensuring that a rabbit has enough space to move and play around and is protected from bigger animals.

Health, care and medical attention

While Oxbow rabbit food will take care of their nutrition as pellets, you need to feed your rabbits with fresh veggies and water as well. And, don’t forget hay which helps them to tackle health issues like hairballs, diarrhoea and obesity. And when you are picking them up, place both hands beneath their front and back to provide support, else their spines may break. They will take time to get accustomed. And, do brush and pat them for a few times every day to get rid of loose fur.   

Apart from rabbit hutch and Oxbow rabbit food, if you require anything else, you can have it delivered at your doorstep. One of the greatest benefits of shopping online is that you will get the product at its best price of availability. Whether it’s a brand like Oxbow or a generally manufactured hutch, anything that you need to buy is available. You can be assured about the quality of the products sold.

Online shops selling Oxbow rabbit food or rabbit hutch offer amazing discounts, but that doesn’t mean the products don’t stand good on their quality parameters.

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