Xbox Neverwinter Mounts: Armored Axe Beak & Guard Drake for Underdark

Posted by goldsafe21 on January 12th, 2016

Good news if you are a mount collector! Cryptic Studio just introduced two new mounts into neverwinter xbox: Armored Axe Beak and Guard Drake. Both of them grant different bonuses during combat. If you need some astral diamonds neverwinter xbox, a recommended site is, a reliable neverwinter ad seller with 10 year’s experience on offering neverwinter astral diamond for pc and then for xbox!

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According to the previous post on safewow, we can know that Cryptic Studio has added Black Dragon Loun Stone and more new items into xbox neverwinter to help players get ready for Underdark module on February 9. All items are amazing, but personally, the most meaningful staffs are the two new mounts and the bonuses they give. See details about them below.

Mount 1: Armored Axe Beak from a new lockbox

Armored Axe Beak is a rare mount that may be found inside the newest elemental evil Lockbox that called The Howling Hatred Breezes. Axe beak is a kind of aggressive flightless bird, but once they are trained as mount and equipped, they will grant you 4,000 Armor Penetration, and deal damage in a circular area when you summon the Armored Axe Beak in combat. It is worth mentioning that the Armor bonus works everywhere PVP and PVE (dungeons, quests), though it might be lesser when you are being scaled down.
However, similar to other mounts that come from lockbox, there won’t be much of a chance to gain an Armored Axe Beak by opening the lockbox. Considering that you need 125 Zen for an enchanted key in order to open a lockbox, if you don’t want to risk money in the gamble, just wait until someone gets and list it on auction. And if you need currency-support, you can buy astral diamonds neverwinter xbox on safewow, where you can even enjoy 10% discount by using the code “NWXBOX”, not to mention that professional site will offer you fast and safe delivery.

Mount 2: Guard Drake on Neverwinter xbox Zen Market

Another available mount is Guard Drake. Originally acted as guardians and pets in the ancient Dragon Empire, it is now specifically enhanced to give its master a greater protection in battle. As we all know, those mounts that available with Astral Diamonds or Zen will tend to be more exotic in rarity, the Guard Drake mount is also a valuable thing that supports you in front of the threat from Demonic in Underdark. Besides, bought with Zen, this mount can be unlocked for the whole account and reclaimed by every character. What are you waiting for? Just take reaction now!

The Demonic invasion will rage in to Neverwinter Xbox one alongside Underdark on February 9. Will you collect these new mounts to gear yourself up? Whenever you need cheap astral diamonds neverwinter xbox, go to safewow, there won’t be any site that provides as professional service as safewow does!

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