How to buy the best hookah?

Posted by Q Hookah on January 12th, 2016

Whether you are an avid hookah smoker or like to taste it a once or twice a week, the fact remains that a hookah is not all about, pipe and smoke. A hookah smoker can vouch for that. Hence, if you are considering purchasing a hookah it is best to consider a number of points in reference to it. You have to understand that the hookah will be most probably decorating your living room; hence it is important that it should enhance the decor of it and not do otherwise. Then there are other aspects like the material utilised, the price and the accessories associated. You will be easily able to procure the very famous Khalil Mamoon hookah online as well as in the market. Similarly, it is no big deal in getting the Herbal Molasse too, however, since it is so special for you, it is best to purchase it, taking into account all the criteria associated with it.

So herein listed some important criteria which you should take care when purchasing a hookah:-

1.    Material utilised- There is a plethora of option available when you are looking for the hookah body. So you will easily be able to get the hookahs in a vase or gloved, Pyrex glass or ceramic and so on. All you need to make sure is that to avoid the material of wood or copper. It is not just the material of the vase, there is the stem, hoses and bowl too which you need to take care about. And yet again, there is the hose fitting, which is one hose fitting or multiple hose fitting. In fact, you can easily procure the ones in which you can a collection of parts, which is later utilised to make it.

2.    Price- Depending upon the types of hookah available, there are prices for each one of them. So there are the e- hookahs, the Egyptian hookahs, the glass hookahs, travelling hookahs and even the mini hookahs which are available in a variety of prices. The price range for the hookahs start from 35$ to as expensive as 1000$.

3.    Accessories associated- The hookahs most of the time, come with accessories. So there is the bowl, hose, plate, base, and also the Hookah Charcoal Online available in accordance with the need and priority. In fact, there are also the cleaning instruction manual, brushes, screens which can be easily availed.

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