Posted by imprezzing on January 12th, 2016

Visual presentation has become popular in the cooperate world, its a way of delivering presentations with the use of visual aids to your given audience. Use of visual aids like pictures, charts, illustrations is important because it helps you to interact, with the audience in a remarkable way.

As we all know, Steve Jobs usually used visual presentation in unveiling of his products, as this process made it effective for him to communicate with his audience brilliantly.

Visual aids are important in presentation, as it brings that sense of awareness to the listener. When you create a great visual presentation, it conveys a powerful message to the listener. A Prezi presentation is one of the tool used in creating a visual presentation.

These are the steps to creating a great visual presentation;

  • When you want to create a great presentation using a Prezi presentationtoolfor instance, its good you choose your colours and fonts properly. Using colours and fonts rampantly, tend to confuse the viewers. Different colour and font use for different slides isn’t good also, let the colour match the tone of the message being conveyed, if its a serious or conservative tone, use dark colours and if its an exciting tone use bright colours.

In the issue of presentation room the use of darker backgrounds colour would match a room with light, while the use of white or light colour background would match a dark room.

  • Use images which are simple and understandable when delivering a visual presentation, the audience has to understand you very well, images goes a long way in delivering a visual presentation. Use images which tell a story and explains your context better.
  • Be sure to summarize and break down your presentation effectively, bombarding too much context in one slide can confuse the audience, each of your slide should contains one context at a time, and a slide shouldn’t last more than 3 seconds or fewer to process.
  • Presenters take time to create presentations and never take time to practice, what they have prepared. Always take your time to practise your presentation, take time to know more about each slide and what to say about them. Taking an interactive quiz about your presentation is a good idea to preparing for your presentation.

Following all this steps will make you deliver a good and memorable visual presentation. When using your presentation tool like the Prezi presentation, be sure to use your colours images and fonts in an organised manner and ensure to be brief with your context then practice your presentation. You will now then create an effective presentation. Click Here For More Info