Overview of Mobile Applications with Known Platform and Web Designing with SEO

Posted by Erickwatson on January 12th, 2016

What’s mobile application development?

In today’s fast-paced era, people are pondering what really mobile app development is! Mobile application development is the activity of developing or creating a mobile application to run on various mobile platforms. A mobile platform is nothing but the mobile operating system. Apple’s mobile operating system is called iOS, Google’s mobile platform is Android, RIM has Blackberry, and Windows Mobile is for the Windows. Each platform has its own rules, guidelines, and requirements to make mobile apps. For instance, we need Objective-C for iOS mobile apps, whereas Java programming is used for the Android applications development. This is very necessary to understand because when making apps for a mobile app for the different - different mobile platforms you cannot just make one app and port it over to the next platform. In inclusion, you must consider what application stores you wish to have your mobile application focused on.

  • Android application development?
  • Android is a Linux-based and an open source operating system for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones also Android is also taking a lead in wearables like wrist watches and nowadays televisions are becoming smart with the help of android operating system. Android was firstly developed by the Open Handset Alliance then guided by Google, and some other companies. Java programming language and XML are the base of android app development so if you have a basic knowledge on Java, then it will be an amusement to learn application development in android.
  • IPhone application development?
  • It has provided a superb platform to the designers and developers where they can simply make millions of dollars. Software development kit is required to do iPhone app development which is free to download from their website. Developers are commending to come up with innovative and interactive app designs to attract more customers or users. The basic stuff of technical and programming languages is a needed for developing iPhone app. If you are a fresher, it’s advised to join an application development program. This program will help you to become an interactive app designer. Join Apple iPod Developer Program, and get access to the Apple Developers forum. It will give you complete help you to design apps as per your needs.
  • Web Designing and SEO:
  • For an online business website designed by a professional website, the designer is very crucial for your online business to succeed, but also having all the services in place to run your business is even more important. Basically, we can design it, build it, host it and promote it.There are many web design services like Search Social media marketing, Pay per Click Marketing, Content Writing, Logo Design, Website Hosting, Graphic Designing, WordPress Development, and Joomla Development and so much.
  • SEO services allude to the different procedures and ways to increase the visibility of sites by optimizing it for search engines. It consists of all the different techniques which are used to increase the visitors to a website which are generated from the search engines or make them see the websites easily. There are services like on-page and off page optimization of a website.

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