What All You Need To Know About The League Of Legends?

Posted by Miguel Graham on January 12th, 2016

You must have seen online ads saying “buy league of legends account” or “buy LOL account cheap” and wondered what are they talking about? League of legends is a very famous online battle arena that is played by multiple players. It is also known as multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA to online game addicts. The game was first introduced by Riot games and it was launched in year 2009 with PC and Mac versions. The Mac version was however taken back after some time.

The game provides the regular 5v5 mode of gaming which is available with all standard MOBA games that usually put two teams against each other over a map. The main objective for both teams is to destroy the Nexus of opposing team. As the time passed by, the game developers also introduced a 3v3 version of this game and presented the Dominion mode of gamelplay. Under this new mode, the players need to capture and take five objective points. This weakens the opposing team Nexus and helps in taking over the objective at a speedy pace.

There are a number of other terms related to this game such as influence points, riot points, runes, and champions. For the starters, influence points are referred to the prime currency which is granted to the players for the games. The amount given to each player varies with respect to several factors like number of bots, summoned level, as well as game result. These points are mainly utilized for buying in-game items like runes and champions.

Riot points, on the other hand, refer to the available currency that can be purchased via PayPal, debit card, credit card, prepaid card, or any Riot Point Game card. These points can be used to unlock the rune pages, different boosts, and champions. The only limitation is these points cannot be spent over runes. Riot points can also be earned through some other activities like referring the game to some friends. You wouldn’t have to pay for these points then.

Runes are mainly used for bringing a personalization effect in the game. Players can take advantage of a number of added points like movement sped, damage, health, mana generation, as well as other kinds of stats. This permits the players to play the similar champion however in a different way depending upon the mastery and rune selection. And last but not the least, the champions are the avatars that players choose for placing themselves in the battle field. He game offers in total 92 options in this respect, however, the developers keep adding new avatars on a weekly basis. Influence points and Riot points play a huge role in unlocking champions. There are a number of other free champions that the game offers every player for free on a weekly basis. This aspect keeps getting refreshed every then and now.

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