What Not to Say and Say to Your Web Designer Miami

Posted by damien fleming on January 12th, 2016

We as for your input and recommendations then we develop and design your business website with some of the most experienced designers in the industry. Our job is to make you happy you made the right decision in choosing us to create your project. With that being said we want to create you a cost-efficient, results-effective, and user-responsive website you can use to generate leads and get an amazing ROI.

If you want to create something amazing and appealing to your customers. Here are a few things you should say and some things you shouldn’t to our web designer that just so happens to be from the best Miami web design company.

“I don’t like it at all.”

When you provide a web designer with vague statements about your website, whether it is a work in progress or a finished product, you are making it doubly difficult for him to identify and solve the problems. You have to as specific about the issues, concerns, and complaints that you have about your website so that the website designer can act on them ASAP. 

You can say instead, “I don’t like these specific elements”, and discuss them in more detail. You can include website elements like layout, images including the photos and graphics, color scheme, and special capabilities including integrations. You can even discuss the quality, quantity and placement of the copy in case it is included in the package. 

“I don’t care for as long as you will do what you think is best for my website.”

While your website designer may appreciate the complete control just handed to him, you will not benefit from it. You have to remember three things – you are the client, you own the website, and your business will be affected by its design. You have to care about the output as much as the inputs you should be pouring into it. 

Besides, your web designer will have nightmares sooner than later because you will find that you will not mean what you said – you will care one way or another.  You have to set a clear direction for the project from start to finish so that the finished product will meet, even exceed, your expectations.  Plus, your web designer will not be constrained to make costly revisions later on.

You can tell your website designer instead, “I have a few ideas about my website. Let’s discuss my ideas and tell me what you think about them especially as you have more experience in website design that I do.”

In a way, these are also the things that you should not say and say to your chosen SEO company Fort Lauderdale since website design and SEO are closely related. 

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