The Beneficial Features of Pressure Snubbers and Pressure Gauges in Different Ap

Posted by jyinstruments on January 13th, 2016

Importance of pressure snubbers

Snubbers are utilized to dampen and increase the readings of pressure gauge by curbing the effects of pressure peaks and pulsation in the pressure line. A snubber that is located suitably will increase the pressure gauge life significantly on arduous applications like reciprocating compressors and pumps, fluid power systems or hydraulic presses. The adjustment screw is guarded from dirt and dust by stainless steel screwed type cap. The Adjustable Pressure Snubber is featured with adjustable needle valve that allows the operator to restrain the flow since operating conditions may even demand if the snubber is under service.

The adjustable pressure snubbers tend to protect the pressure instruments against surges, fluctuations, fluid hammer and spikes. The adjustable valve that is fine thread enables you to fine tune the severe harmonic vibration from fluid systems and prevent the instrument from process while replacement or service is required. These kinds of pressure snubbers are crafted to offer completely field adjustable dampening. With the help of adjustable pressure snubbers, you can able to alleviate pusations as well as surges to ensure constant pressure readings and expand the instrument life.

Applications of contractor pressure gauge

The Contractor Pressure Gauge is designed to meet the requirements of contractors who are involved in plumbing, HVAC and commercial and industrial refrigeration application. It is a highly sensitive and reliable instrument that fulfills the industry standards strictly. It is also considered as an ideal product for lessening the inspection costs. The key features of this device include corrosion-resistant case, adjustable pointer and the options of powerflex movement, trueZero and FlutterGuard.

Panel mount pressure gauge

The Panel mounted pressure gauge combines reliability with aesthetic mount design and performance. Since panel mounted pressure gauge is easily customizable, it is a unique solution to measure pressure. The option of PowerFlex movement offers excellent resistance to vibration and pulsation, shock, extended product life and lessens maintenance costs. The option of True Zero reduces the reading errors with zero box rather than traditional dial pins, which ensures integrity, product safety and system control. The FlutterGuard option reduces the movement wear and prevents pointer flutter, expands product life and enables easy gauge readability. 



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