Hip Hop Jewelry: The Fashion Statement of the New Generation

Posted by masterofbling on January 13th, 2016

Hip hop jewelry is more than just a fashion statement. To the new generation as well as the old who wear flashy bling, hip hop jewelry is also a symbol of the journey they had to endure to reach success and recognition as a movement and a serious art form. These accessories are synonymous to glitz and glamor and their unique style can usually be characterized as big and loud.

From its emergence as a global force way back the 1980s, hip hop has created its culture, and with it, its fashion trends. Hip hop jewelry or bling, as it is popularly called became a prominent style, with its big, bold, over-the-top, and fierce designs. They are known for being flashy and extravagant as they were originally designed to signify status symbols. Hip hop jewelry can be found in many forms, representative of the diversity and individuality of the generation that wears them.

Hip hop chains are probably the most iconic of all bling’s. These chains are nowhere near subtle and delicate as your usual luxury necklaces. Bling chains are thick, detailed chains that usually come with bold and edgy designs. Typical bling necklaces consist of box-style links, interconnected to form long chains that are also often set with gemstones. Hip hop chains can be worn with earrings or pendants to match.

Hip hop earrings are equally large and heavy but are very unique and stylish in design. Stud type earrings are becoming quite the more preferred style over earlier dangling designs, and that featured tiny pendants of silver or gold. Studs are popular because they are simple and elegant and usually feature/show off shiny gemstones. Hip hop pendants, on the other hand, are huge, almost medallion-like necklace hangings usually made out of precious metals like platinum, silver, or gold. Like bling chains, these pendants are set with gemstones, ranging from rubies and emeralds to sapphires, and perhaps most distinctly, diamonds. Bling pendants come in unique shapes, sizes, and styles and they are hot commodities because they can be worn prominently.

Bling watches are also very popular, especially those that can be custom made. Hip hop watches are notable for their flashy style, covered with diamonds (iced out). Hip hop rings and grills are also worth trying if you are serious about getting into hip hop fashion. These pieces of jewelry and accessories do cost a bunch, but you can always get great deals from bling shops online.

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This article is written by Joseph. He is the Marketing lead of Master of Bling. Master of Bling is one of the leading companies to provide Hip Hop jewelries like hip hop chains, hip hop pendants, hip hop earrings and many other hip hop products.

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