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Posted by gracedashen on January 14th, 2016

Hey, guys! Are you still worry there is no enough apexis crystals for you to buy wow mounts, wow toys or other wow items? Now there is a good chance for you. Apexis crystal bonus event is coming, you can gain a great deal of crystals from it. Additionally, you can also earn apexis crystals with good tips. Following we will show you the guides for apexis bonus event and some tips teach you how to obtain apexis crystals quickly. By the way, if you need cheap wow gold, wowtoes can offer you with a cheap price.


Win Apexis Crystals in Apexis Crystals Bonus Event

This week Apexis crystal bonus event will return back and which will be active from January 13 to January 18. During this period, your rate of acquiring Apexis Crystals will be significantly increased by looting enemies across Draenor. Besides, once you complete the five Apexis objectives in The Time to Strike, you will receive 5000 Apexis Crystals and other great prizes.


Gain Apexis Easily with Excellent Gold4fans Tips 

Firstly, you can fill up your Apexis coffers by daily garrison quest. When you do the solo version, you will bag 800. And forming a group, you are able to get 1000. Then, you can farm apexis crystal from pit. Go there to join in a pre-made group and stay with the party, you will get between 100 and 150 per run around the pit. Moreover, you can gain apexis by scouting missives. There are Landmines on the ground that you can pick up and toss at any mob for a 1 shot. Round up 7 or 8 and boom you can instantly nab 12% towards completion.

Now before the coming of apexis crystal bonus event, try to farm apexis crystals with above tips. Also, there are other bonus events guides on our site, you can have a browse. Moreover, if you would like to buy wow gold cheap, come in wowtoes. Use the new year coupon “ NEW2016” to save 8% off on your order.

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