Guide to Neverwinter PC CTA: Garrundar the Vile and Xbox Storm Front

Posted by goldsafe21 on January 14th, 2016

If you are a fan of Neverwinter Call to Arms skirmish events, it is the high time to buy cheap neverwinter AD on safewow and take action. Both PC and Xbox players can get a CTA Battle from Jan 14 to Jan 18 as Garrundar the Vile runs on PC and Storm Front available on Xbox. Queue for the skirmishes now and earn some rewards like unique dyes, enchantments, etc.

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Slay the vile in CTA: Garrundar the Vile on PC

Garrudar the Vile has returned to PC version of Neverwinter. It is time to fly to the pirate’s island to beat the vicious black dragon. Adventures who successfully slay Garrundar from January 14 at 10AM to January 18 at 10AM PT (Pacific) may get some unique treasures. The most attractive one would be a companion that called Lizardfolk Shaman. Proving to its’ liking by battling down the Garrundar, this companion will join you in your neverwinter adventures! Other rewards include the Primitive Weapon Transmutes that imbue the danger of the jungle into your weapons to make you like the most dangerous being, as well as a Jungle Cloak Dye Pack that make you look like the one with the jungle. To enhance your chance of killing the vile and win these amazing rewards, I’d recommend you to buy neverwinter astral diamonds pc on safewow, which is a reliable neverwinter astral diamond seller that guarantees you safe product and fast delivert.

Brave the storm in CTA: Storm Front on Xbox

During the same period of time, the CTA: Storm Front is running on the Xbox neverwinter. To get some rewards, you need to fend off the icy blizzard and repel the invasion from the frost giant Jarl Hrimnir. To award your braveness, you will be able to get the powerful Rimefire Golem that gives you some defense bonus and grants +500 hit points when it is active; Rank 1 or 2 Savage Enchantment (up to a Rank 5 at the end of every CTA skirmish); Chill Wind Dye Pack that helps you to blend into the snowy mountains of the north; and the Glacial Weapon Transmutation Items that take your weapons on an icy form.

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