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Tips to Buy Monocular Compound Microscope Online

Posted by amscope on January 14th, 2016

Likewise shopping for other day-to- day essentials, buying microscope online has also become a trend these days. The process is pretty simple, safe &convenient and takes less time too without overburdening you to visit the shop in person.

For the convenience of the customers, several microscope shops online provide a detailed description of the products so that the customer feel well acquainted with the product and buy it with less- hassles. However, before you start searching for the most reliable microscope shop online, here is a list of few things that you need to know:

1. Microscopes can be of compound or stereo nature. Compound microscopes need the specimen to be placed on glass slides and studied. Stereo microscopes, on the other hand, are helpful for beginners because people can study the specimen directly and in good detail.

2. Professionals mostly use compound microscopes. There are several types of compound microscopes depending on the need and level of study involved. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Monocular: For studying microscopic animals or specimen monocular compound microscopes are used. These present the specimen without any depth and give a flat image on the viewing lens.

  1. Binocular: Practically same as monocular ones, a binocular microscope has two eyepieces to ease the strain in the eyes. But the two eyepieces don’t necessarily mean a better view of the specimen. The view would still be flat and without depth. Also, it costs much more than monocular ones.

  1. Trinocular: With three eyepieces, this microscope serves the same purpose but with an added third lens for people who wish to capture the specimen in action. The third eyepiece is used to place a camera over it.

For a single-person use, monocular compound microscopes are the obvious and most feasible choice. Some important factors while monocular microscope shopping online:

  1. Power: Be observant of the power of the microscope, for compound microscopes are high-power ones and stereo microscopes are the low-power microscopes. Monocular microscopes can range up to 1000X in power.

  1. Light Source: This is probably the most critical factor while choosing the microscope. A better illumination provides detailed look and study of the specimen. A cheaper and low-quality light source would include a tiny mirror angled above the specimen slide for reflecting natural light. On the other hand, a good quality light source would comprise of a condensing lens and aperture. This helps in adjusting the amount of light and its focus on the specimen.

  1. Specimen Slides: It is very important to pay keen attention to slides. The usual ones are made of glass or flat silver. When buying a microscope, don’t forget to buy specimen slides and cover slips (a thin layer of glass used to place over the slide for the specialized treatment of the specimen).

Buying monocular compound microscopes can be a tedious task, but knowing what to look for and its purpose makes the task easy and interesting too.


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