IT Sales Skills: Selling Servers and LANs to Clients

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 28th, 2010

When you are running your own IT consulting firm, you will need some basic IT sales skills to effectively get your small business prospects and clients signed on for your recommended network solution.

Because small businesses are often resistant to change, computer consultants must be able to effectively and persuasively discuss the differences between a dedicated server solution and the status quo.

Know Clients? Hot Buttons

When selling to small business decision-makers, you?ll need to speak to their hot buttons, overcome their objections, and relate your message to return on investment (ROI) and bottom-line savings potential.

IT Sales Skills

People have many different views on whether sales skills can be taught. Some think you can?t be trained to sell -- either you?re born with the gift or you?re not. Others are adamant that anyone can sell more effectively with the right training.

The Bottom Line about Sales Skills

Small business computer consultants, as well as their staff, have to adopt some kind of sales skills that they?re comfortable with -- even if they initially find selling painful. The goal here is to give you some tools to succeed, regardless of whether you?re a great schmoozer.

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