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Posted by juliabennet on January 14th, 2016

Company, warmth, safety, comfort, security, discipline – the list can go endless when you look for reasons as to why dogs are both family members and part of public safety teams. So, they deserve to stay in dog kennel systems that offer them all that they gift to all of us. Hence a plastic kennel manufacturer has to look at all these factors while they are designing a kennel system. These can only come with years of experience and knowledge about canines and their ways of life. To serve the customers, a manufacturer requires an in depth awareness about the products and their end use. The comfort, health and safety of dogs should be the driving factors.  

The next in line of priorities should be the customers and their requirements. While domestic customers usually do not require dog kennel systems, the basic process of manufacturing should remain the same to keep the quality intact. Steel mesh, galvanized hot dip and plastic profile sheet for inner box, these three give strength, durability, longevity and a comfortable structure for the dogs to live in. A plastic kennel manufacturer should strive to create and maintain a balance between the inhabitants’ needs and the customers’ requirements.

Their usual customers include domestic dog owners, breeders and commercial owners of kennels. As we are all aware, dogs play an important role in assisting the police and Ministry of Defence in ensuring safety and security of citizens. These drive them opt for large dog kennel systems and kennel blocks to keep their canine partners comfortable. Now, another important factor that dog owners look for is the effort that they need to give for its maintenance. This is a challenge for a plastic kennel manufacturer because they have to design and build such shelters that will not require a lot of effort to keep them clean and serviceable.

Apart from construction of dog kennel systems, they also offer designing services for those who require specific fittings integrated with the kennels. Else, only the panel can be built and sent to the customer for them to make the required changes in design. If you are wondering about the standard of manufacturing used then there is no cause of concern at all. Built in the UK factory of plastic kennel manufacturer, hot dip galvanizing process follows the requirements of British Standard. They employ trained and qualified staff who are aware of both the technologies and are sensitive to the requirements of the canine inhabitants. This makes their products suitable for use in all circumstances.

You can get external kennel box, free standing kennel boxes and whelping boxes along with dog kennel systems. Whelping boxes are especially required by breeders since new born puppies will be more comfortable and protected in these boxes rather than in the regular kennel boxes. There are accessories available as well including galvanized beds or benches, kennel heaters and special bedding for the dogs to protect them from fleece. These beddings have been approved by veterinaries and have been proven to offer durable services. A plastic kennel manufacturer also offers full fitting services and bespoke designing and building services to their clients across the country.

Whether you require top grade dog kennel systems or any associated service, a plastic kennel manufacturer can offer both.       

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