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Posted by juliabennet on January 14th, 2016

Kennel systems are never out of demand and when a plastic kennel manufacturer strives at offering nothing but the best, there’s no beating them at their own game. What you can see has a number of layers in it which makes it strong enough to withstand the wear and tear usually caused by long usage. These kennels are manufactured in such a manner that they are easy to maintain, hygienic, durable and most importantly, can’t be chewed at. Steel mesh forms the structure of the box, which is then hot dip galvanized and then a profile sheet of steel coated with plastic is used to form the inner house.   

What goes into making kennel systems that last long?
If the raw material used to manufacture a product is of the best standard then there can be no doubt about the quality of the final product. This holds for kennel systems as well. A plastic kennel manufacturer, who ensures that the quality of galvanized steel and plastic doesn’t fall even a degree, will be able to offer kennels that will be able to suit the requirements of both domestic and commercial users. Not just this, if a buyer wishes to just get hot dip galvanized panels and then construct their own kennels, there is scope for that as well.

Technologically advanced manufacturing process goes into making the kennel systems durable. As already mentioned earlier there are three stages to constructing it. First of all a steel box section is made with a mesh infill. The next step is to make it hot dip galvanized to increase its longevity. This was the foundation structure. The final step taken by the plastic kennel manufacturer is to make it comfortable for its inhabitants. This is done by covering the structure with a polyprop plastic profile. Also, a distance is maintained between the floor and the plastic box floor to avoid the cold from causing any discomfort to the dog.

To protect the house from chewing, the corners and edges are covered in steel. The use of plastic in place of wood makes the kennel much more hygienic. Unlike wood, plastic doesn’t harbour disease or absorb any smell. This makes it easier to clean and maintain as well. Adjustable feet are used to mount the kennel systems which make it possible for slopes to be integrated with the base of the box. A lift-up lid is included for ease of access. Sliding hatch can also be built-in along with an access door.

In similar lines a plastic kennel manufacturer will be able to offer you with kennel for a single dog or large kennel systems to house several dogs. There are kennel boarding regulations which are required to be followed while owning kennel blocks that allow space for covered walkway and safety corridor. All large systems or single boxes follow the same basic construction procedure and are fit to be used either inside or outside. They are protected against damages both by external circumstances and internal usage-related issues.

If you are looking for durable and safe kennel systems a plastic kennel manufacturer will be able to offer you with the right products.  

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