Urgent Need to Understand Attacks Against the Aid Workers

Posted by ricky26 on January 15th, 2016

Aid workers, also known as humanitarian workers, are those who offer their services in the areas that are hit by natural disasters, wars or in areas having other environmental or developmental issues. They provide great assistance to all the needy people, who suffer the consequences of disastrous events, be it natural or manmade. Most of the humanitarian aid workers are part of United Nations Organizations, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) or Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs), which deploy them to the required areas to provide proper aid to the suffering people. However, the increased attacks in the recent times have raised aid worker security concerns. According to 2013 reports, 461 attacks were registered against the aid workers, which are really disturbing figures.

Many of the terrorist groups and violent communities target these humanitarian aid personnel, while they are operating in the regions that are subjected to any natural disaster or other calamity. They are tortured, kidnapped and even killed in many cases, which all are highly alarming facts, especially for the ones who voluntarily and peacefully help recovering the war zones and other disaster hit areas of this beautiful planet. If these physical assaults against the aid workers continue to grow at the pace it is going, it would be very difficult for this peace loving world to recover from any of the unprecedented calamity or misfortunate things.

Many belligerent activities have taken place in the recent past, especially in countries like Syria, Sudan, Pakistan and Afghanistan including others, which has drawn people’s attention from all over the world. It has become the need of the hour to carefully study and understand the proper patterns and reasons of these attacks on the humanitarian aid workers. Only then some measures can be taken in order to stop the violent attacks that the aid workers have to face in the deployed regions.

Scholars and statisticians across the world needs to join hands and carry out various studies to collect and analyze sufficient data that could help in figuring out the potential reasons that lead to such inhuman behaviors against the highly dedicated and committed personnel, who contribute greatly in establishing peace and prosperity on this globe.

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