Basic Difference of Organic Ancient Grain Oatmeal from Modern Grains

Posted by glocalme on January 15th, 2016

Ancient grains can give various health benefits and their uses are growing. People are also combining them with other foods to get their amazing health benefits. But what are organic ancient grains. Ancient grains such as Emmer, Quinoa, Spelt, Kamet and Faro sounds new to the users they have been in use since long. In the ancient ages the Egyptians used to consume Emery and Farro in their daily meals and these were also the first of the grains to be cultivated.


Ancient Grains Can Develop Health Conditions

It is believed by common people as well as experts that ancient grains can substantially improve the health conditions of the people consuming them regularly. An example is the organic ancient oatmeal that is considered as one of the best in the clan. Best benefits of these ancient grains are that they bring back consumers to simpler as well as purer food habits. They also do not create the problems as created by the modern wheat.


Deficiencies of Modern Grains

Modern grains suffer from several deficiencies despite huge development of agriculture and related technologies. Of course the scientists devise these technologies with the objective of increasing production, profitability and for reduction of overall prices of the products. But they also bring up several problems. Huge hybridization of modern grains has resulted in reduction in their natural benefits and health improving effects. Due to changes in the inherent protein structures the grains have lost their beneficial qualities and built up toxins and thus they have turned inferior to conventional grains. This is also resulting in intolerance to wheat and stores retaining them for a long time. When it comes to losing vitality and developing toxins, organic ancient oatmeal is immune to both.

What is the Source of Origin of Ancient Grains

Original source of ancient grains are the seeds that have been around since thousands of years and are usually free from hybridization as well as Genetically Modified Organism and manipulation. They are 100% original and organic and have not changed from the way nature created them. There was a time when the ancient grains were consumed on a regular basis. But gradually their popularity came down and hybridized grains started taking their place. But ancient grains remain the same as they were earlier and they continue to be the same over the passage of hundreds of years.

Ultimate Organic Seed

Bottom line of all these is that ultimate organic oatmeal is completely different as it is free from any type of manipulation or protein change that are common in case of all other seeds and grains that are produced with modern agricultural technologies. These plants today are much shorter than the original seed plants of the past.

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