Important Points to Consider When Purchasing a Light Weight Deflectometer

Posted by Frank Georg Schulz on January 15th, 2016

It can be more convenient to use a light weight deflectometer when performing dynamic load plate testing as it provides a quicker and easier way to accomplish the test. An LWD can be a valuable investment when you have to test the compaction quality and bearing capacity of the soil. Light weight deflectometers are more compact, lighter, and easier to transport to job sites, making them practical for dynamic load plate tests in odd areas like ditches and when you have to perform a test under extreme conditions. These points should be considered when purchasing a light weight deflectometer online:

•    Wired or Wireless:

There are two types of light weight deflectometers. The conventional cabled LWD can be used for testing in areas like earthworks, road construction, backfills, dams, airport taxiways and runways, pipelines, foundations, embankments, and railway track beds. However, you may want to consider a wireless version that uses Bluetooth connectivity to deliver the data to your smartphone or tablet if you constantly need to test in construction sites where a wire could get in the way. Also, make sure the Bluetooth LWD is compatible with your smart devices. Bluetooth can transmit the measurements from the load plate to your tablet, smartphone, or measuring computer. If you are using your mobile devices, make sure that it is compatible with the app.

•    Important Features:

A light weight deflectometer must be fully equipped with a printer, USB drive, GPS system, a high-performance rechargeable battery, and text input function. Look for an LWD that comes with PC software so you can easily read and interpret data in your computer or lab.

•    Where it was Made:

Some of the best LWDs come from Germany, and they are made to comply with international and German regulations such as TP BF-StB part B 8.3 edition 2012 (German engineering code for soil and rock in road construction), ASTM E2835-11 (American standard testing method for measuring deflections with a portable impulse plate load test device), and TB 10102-2004, J338-2004 (Chinese regulation for soil testing in railway construction).

•    Weatherproof:

Light weight deflectometers are constantly exposed to extreme conditions, so be sure to get one that comes with a weatherproof glass lid.

Purchase a light weight deflectometer from a reputable manufacturer online. Make sure they are known and trusted by a lot of customers around the world, so you can be confident with their service and products.

About The Author:

TERRATEST GmbH is world leader in development and manufacturing of Light Weight Deflectometers for dynamic load plate test. They offer the world’s first light weight deflectometer “TERRATEST 5000 BLU” with Bluetooth and voice navigation. For more information about their products visit their website!

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