What a Nice Thing to Say; How to Give Daily Feedback for Sales Performance Improvement

Posted by nick_niesen on October 28th, 2010

Remember the first time you walked into your sales office? How did it FEEL to you? Was it buzzing, energetic and upbeat? Did you sense a spirit of positive competitiveness?

Or, did you notice that the air had a weight of negativity to it? Did you suspect a lack of joy or camaraderie? Maybe you recognized that the positive vibrations were simply missing.

That's the power daily feedback can have. If it's being done constructively, it can affect the very "energy" of a sales office.

Daily feedback and improvement is all about developing the right culture. And professional selling has its own common language and culture. We use terms like "hourly rate," "definition of insanity," "circle back around," "lay the obvious on the table," "soup to nuts" and "who's got the 'R'."

So, how do you give daily feedback?

Simple. You spend 5 minutes with a manager/leader.

FOR 5 MINUTES, you use strategies and tactics to evaluate your status. You promote the "right" feeling in the atmosphere. Using common language buzzwords, you talk about accountability to results. And when results are not there? You REFRAIN from finger pointing!

It's celebrating "wins" aloud, but coaching through all the bases that must be covered.

It's congratulating the close of a sale, but asking if the proper steps were taken at the point of sale.

And why do we ask this question? It's because the proper steps are essential. They leverage more revenue, more testimonial letters and more referrals. In short, they improve the entire sales process.

Management must understand the strategic use of the office door. KEEP IT OPEN!

Daily feedback focuses on Daily Routines. Daily Routines, properly performed, WILL achieve weekly goals.

And weekly goals, routinely achieved, WILL maintain monthly results. Focusing on what's wrong or how to lay blame just doesn't "cut it."

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