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Teen & Adult Knitting in Manhattan Beach

Posted by michaelrodger on January 15th, 2016

Existing as a teen in Manhattan Beach has taken a literary turn, as new adult and teen concentrates on teamwork and imagination. Beforehand the teen services librarian located at the Lawndale Library, used to look for the co-workers for a teen ‘zine project, memberships for the Teen Friends group and also sponsor a variety of activities from knitting to SAT training with the view to have the native teenagers involved with county information facilities and the town’s new crown jewel.

Are you one of those who have always desired to learn how to knit but never had the time to do so? Or you know how to knit and have always needed to share your knitting knowledge with others? Whatever is the case; feel free to join us for knitting at the library. Yes! You heard it right. You have a chance to learn, teach and work together with others. Ink your calendars for 13th of January 2016 for Teen and Adult Knitting in Manhattan Beach. Make yourself available from 07:00 P. to 08:00 P.M for the event. Call to book Manhattan Beach taxi to arrange for the transportation to the venue.

Mendiola, the organiser is also creating a Teen Friends of Manhattan Beach Library group to come together with her directly and undertake the responsibilities frequently in the library. The aim here is to generate a love of the library that explains the things clearly into a new generation of helpers and community spirit—and to provide an energetic social experience. They have started a knitting crowd which the teens and adults alike are requested to join or to be a part of, and they have been planning to cloud a new SAT/ACT combination practice test at a later time this fall.

The knitting crowd come across on the second Wednesday of every month at 07:00 P.M. The teens are invited to come up and join the event. So come forward to learn, impart, and work together with others. You can get in touch with Laura Mendiolafo more information and to get the things going. Make sure to check with her before you buy the event tickets in case you are interested in attending the event by any means as the event details are likely to get changed without any prior notice. You can hire a Manhattan Beach cab to drop you at the event location.

So, let us all come forward to be a part of the knitting event that takes place every second Wednesday of the month. This event will offer us an opportunity to socialize and learn as well as share new things. We advise you to bring your friends along and make the most of the event. This will act as a great opportunity for all of us to learn knitting or share our knowledge about the same with others. So, see you all at 1320, Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, California 90266 on 13th of January 2016 in the evening. Don’t miss the event!

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