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The dwarfs are proud to claim that they are neverwinter astral diamonds directly created by earth, and that they have a lot of ability about rocks.The dwarf took a very important view of the tribe and the blood. They respect the elder, the founder of the tribe and the souls of the deceased ancestors.

For the dwarf, fighting with his comrades in arms is a kind of respect and helping his comrades in arms to resist the enemy's attack is the most loyal performance. The legend of the dwarfs records many of the heroes who died to save the tribe or friends.

The earliest tieflings ruled the empire by the name of Lord of hell.Their blood was contaminated by devils and spreads to every offspring.As a race who has no home, tieflings know they must find their own position and they have to be strong enough in the world to survive. They are also less likely to trust anyone who claims to be a friend.

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