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Posted by goldsafe21 on January 16th, 2016

The discussion of Blade & Soul GMs name claim issue have gradually faded with time, and the western release is finally available for Founders since January 15. While providing cheap blade and soul gold to help players get good start, safewow is finding that there are three problems with the staff that happened before game launches, nor to remind you of unhappy memory, or to cause complaints, but to remember and expect for improvement.
First problem: quest censorship

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Previously, players were told there would be absolutely no censorship in Blade and Soul, but thing was not the case. An example is that the side quest that called “A Scholarly Path” has been completely rewritten. In the original quest, a “misogynistic philanderer” steal women clothes because he thinks those women are nymphs and if he gets their clothes, he can marry them. However, it has been completely re-written, and the character is now “a decent human being” who “doesn’t go around trying to force women into marriage against their will”, but becomes a scholar “who’s studying the Lycandi”. Though many players said that they don’t care about the quest, it’s worrying when NCSoft said they would never censor the western version but finally broke the promise.
Second problem: server naming

The community was promised to have a chance to take part in naming the servers, but that was not true and the staff named the servers. What’s worse is that the EU servers’ names are just unpopular among the community. Some common opinions are shown as: most of the names are unknown, and hard to associate with BnS; the names themselves feel as though they are "left-overs"; the names themselves are very long; etc.
Third problem: character name reservation

Well, this was a hot topic that just past. NCSoft told that Founders would have a fair chance to register the names they wanted. But their staff claimed some popular names before the available time when their paying customers can do. What’s more, one of them even claimed SEVEN names, and the official explanation is that each GM is allowed to choose seven.

Maybe none of these things are a big deal on their own, but they add up to make big influence. Of course, most of us might be willing to blow all things off and enjoy the game now, so does safewow, but just hope that this trend won’t continue any more through this game's lifetime. BTE, if you need BNS gold, come to safewow, which is the best place to buy Blade and Soul Gold with 8% discount!

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