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Posted by 1bhkingoregaon on June 24th, 2021

To buy or rent office space in Andheri for your business is a great option as it is one of the prime locations in Mumbai. Location is one of the important aspects you need to consider, but besides location, there are so many other factors that you may need to focus on before making a final decision. 

When you buy or rent office space in Andheri for your business, you should not be just focusing on the present needs of the business but also need to focus on what your company would need in the future to be successful. Choosing office space can be very challenging because your one wrong decision will have so many repercussions for your business. Thus here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself when considering your options. It would help you make the right decision.

  • Where is the space located? And what amenities does it offer?

A startup business requires a safe and convenient location so that it could attract both employees as well as clients. Is the office within easy commuting distance? Ideally, the place should be at least within walking distance from Metro station or a bus depot. The location of the office should also be close to the amenities such as an on-site fitness center or a range of restaurants for business dinners and employees' lunches. You should also check the building's internet and cellphone capabilities.

  • Can you afford it?

Affordability is one of the major concerns when renting office space in Andheri. You need to decide whether you are capable of affording the office in this location or not. Also, if you are renting office space, you will need to consider that the rent is not the only expense. There will be other expenses too that are generally the responsibility of the tenant, such as maintenance, cleaning, and insurance. Keep in mind that some expenses are not foreseeable. So you would need to set some money aside for these expenses.

  • Are there enough parking spaces for the employees to park their bikes and cars?

‌Before buying or renting the office space, make sure that it is enough for the employees and visitors to park their vehicles, particularly if you are in a suburban setting. If your building doesn't offer plenty of spaces, look for sufficient parking nearby — in lots or garages, perhaps. If parking is tight, you should see if there is a place where employees can park, so customers get the most convenient spaces? Also, negotiating special employee rates and validating customers' parking tickets are good ideas, but they need to be worked into your budget.

  • Is the building secure?

Usually, office building security services run from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Saturday. Some places have a 24/7 security staff, restricted access, or security cameras. Whatever a building has, make sure it fits your needs. And it doesn't hurt to check the police records to see if the area has a history of break-ins.

  • What deposit or corporate guarantee does the landlord require?

Deposits on office space can equate to anywhere from one to six months of rent. Sometimes new companies may also need to pay a security deposit in the form of a letter of credit.

To Wrap Up

If you are looking for commercial office space in Andheri, make sure that employees are comfortable and have the right amount of space to perform their work. Now, if you are looking for the right office space, visit The Chandak Group -; they will show you some of the best office spaces in Andheri in your budget.

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