3 Gadgets You Didn't Know You Need This Summer

Posted by Stephanie Snyder on June 24th, 2021

Everybody wants to know about the hot new technological gadgets that have launched technology forward recently. Of course, some of these gadgets, like 4K and the next-generation video game consoles, already have plenty of attention. 

Still, some of the most exciting devices do not get much attention, but they are still ready for their closeup. From cables you might not think about to 8K upscaling and modern e-readers, you will find something you might not have heard of before that you are dying to check out this summer.

Neat Cables

Whether commercial, industrial, or enterprise use, people use d-sub cables wherever they need to disconnect their cabling repeatedly while keeping longevity. These premium cables are perfect for low-voltage, control, prototype, and serial data applications. These plugs are not for TV use.

Instead, these cables serve a valuable function in turning engineering feats into successes. While many people may not notice their cabling, these cables are part of many successful enterprise-level feats.

Inside Of The Cables

Deluxe cables integrate aluminum mylar shielded wire and copper tape and with premade connectors. These cables come preassembled and supply exceptional performance. Gold-plated contacts make for continuous signals, and manufacturers create each cable using industry standards. 

If you have a low-voltage project or if you are just interested in learning about neat industrial electronics, then you may have bumped into these kinds of cables before. If not, this cable is an intriguing electronic that many might want to understand better.

8K Upscaling

While 4K is a well-known current trend in technology, there is surprisingly already 8K out there. While the content for an 8K TV or monitor may be a way away, there is something special about watching 4K content upscaled to 8K. If you want more of that feeling that gorgeous-looking graphical content gives you than 4K alone can provide, you should check out 8K upscaling. 

8K does not even have to be the future of television for you to enjoy the fabulous looking upscaling an 8K TV puts out. After you download the software for an 8K TV, you will notice incredible graphical enhancements to standard TV broadcasts. The powerful chips in these TVs work hard to upscale the picture on the screen, and the TVs produce some stunning picture quality. 

Working in combination with a 4K movie or video game, graphics come to life and truly massage your eyes. While 8K is still a pricey consideration these days, you will love an 8K picture dearly if you can afford it.

A Modern E-Reader

Next is the modern e-reader, a marvel in how it satisfies those who have a fix for paper books. Somebody invented e-readers quite a while ago, but they seem to have perfected the feel of a book these days. So, if you feel like you are wasting tons of space with bookshelf after bookshelf, you should know that today's e-readers now look like a book when you are looking at their page. 

Also, they feel like a book when you carry them around. So, you may today love an e-reader, even if you used to lament that it was not a book.


E-readers sport spectacular features, like a backlight for those of us who fall asleep reading. Another unique feature of e-readers is a vast library of books for purchase at the push of a button. Many of these books are loanable for a small subscription fee. The package comes across feeling like personal access to a library. 

E-readers today are marvels that take care of all the readers' needs without any of the troubles that earlier e-readers had. Now might be the time to consider an e-reader.

Last Thoughts

These gadgets are legitimate contenders for the best devices that you did not know you needed this summer. So, consider checking out some of these widgets this summer. From neat cables and e-readers for true nerds to 8K for everyone, there is something you will like that you may not have heard about this summer. 

Everyone enjoys knowing about the latest technology, and some people like learning more about how technology works. There is something for everyone to enjoy with these electronics. So, find your niche this summer and enjoy yourself.

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