2 Quick Creative Ideas For Remote Employee Recognition

Posted by Stephanie Snyder on June 24th, 2021


The pandemic of 2020 threw many into unfamiliar territory without as much as a glance back. One day students were in school, and the next day they were at home in virtual classrooms. Stores and other businesses shut their doors, and delivery workers were suddenly considered essential. 

One of the most significant changes happened because employees packed their desks at many jobs and ordered home to work remotely. Whether companies loved it, liked it, or didn't care one way or another, research had shown that remote workers were as productive at home as when they were in the office. 

After The Lockdown

Now, companies seek creative ways to recognize remote workers for their diligence in holding the company together during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Although many people are still wearing masks and avoiding personal events and physical functions, employee recognition remains a central part of work culture. 

Recognizing employees keeps them engaged, and companies want to maintain a culture that thrives and employees feel appreciated, valued, and not forgotten. Therefore, employers must find creative ways to show recognition to their remote staff since remote work may be with us for some time to come.

Two quick and simple ways to recognize remote employees are:

Have A Local Restaurant Deliver Lunch 

It's no secret that people bond over food. That is why company-sponsored lunches have always been an excellent way for team building, unity, and camaraderie. For in-office workers, getting off early on Friday for lunch not only leaves employees with a full belly, but most are also full of gratitude and thankful that they work for a company that considers them worthy of that kind of treat.

Lunch Alternatives

However, with today's workers scattered all over a city and many still skeptical about indoor air, companies are looking for alternatives to that kind of treat for their employees. However, if you have a manageable number of employees and restaurants looking for business too, what's better than having a local restaurant deliver lunch to your staff.

To pull this office takes planning, so you want to start a few days ahead. Ordering lunch for employees works excellent if your entire staff lives relatively close, and if not, there is an alternative. Give them corporate bucks to purchase a meal from their favorite restaurant that delivers using food delivery services like GrubHub or DoorDash. That way, every taste bud is satisfied and happy at the company's expense and recognition.

Host A Virtual Award Ceremony

Celebrating achievements doesn't need to be a formal gala or even an in-person event. There is creative space on digital platforms for celebrating with awards and recognizing exceptional employees. The benefits are expansive, including lots of saved time and money, reduces carbon footprint, and people can attend from anywhere in the world or the comfort of their own home.

Hire A Professional To Run The Event

If it sounds daunting, that is only your imagination. If you don’t have a skilled IT team, some companies will make sure that your ceremony is personable. The and attendees will feel like they are in the same room with you. They will make your remote ceremony a collaborative one and piece it together seamlessly.

To pull off a virtual award or recognition service, you need to:

  • Come up with a date and schedule - do not make recipients wait too long to be recognized.

  • Collect bios and material needed for those who will be recognized.

  • Register for a streaming device or contact a company for webcast solutions that will manage the tech portion of the program.

  • Find several presenters to speak and present awards.

  • Practice timing and handing off a virtual microphone.

  • Invite attendees/employees to the ceremony.

  • Engage attendees.

  • After the event, ask for feedback for your next virtual awards/recognition program.

Recognizing remote employees is as vital as recognizing those who work in person.

For remote workers, being recognized keeps them engaged. Employers must find creative ways to show recognition for companies who want to maintain a culture that thrives and employees feel appreciated, valued, and not forgotten.

There are several creative solutions to remote worker appreciation; however, having a local restaurant deliver lunch to all employees and having a virtual award/recognition ceremony are two quick and creative ideas.

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