Auditions Do's and Don'ts You Need To Know

Posted by Stephanie Snyder on June 24th, 2021

Preparations are essential if you want to give an excellent audition that will wow the judges. An outstanding audition showcases your talent and opens the door to performance opportunities. Warming up your voice and body is a vital part of preparing, but so is getting into the right mindset. With a few audition tips to aid you, you will be bursting with confidence and ready to nail your next audition.

Do: Rehearse the Whole Act

When you prepare your audition piece, rehearse the things you will say to the judges ahead of time. State your name clearly and slowly, give the name of the piece you will be performing as well as the shows from which they originate. Be aware of the playwright’s name just in case the judges inquire. Rehearse, stating it now and then, keep it in your memory, but you need not make it part of your regular slate information practice.

Don’t: Make Excuses

Even if you did just get the piece the night before, do not say so to the judges. Of everyone who got the piece the night before, some are going to make it work. Let one of those people be you. Do the best work you can within the allotted time frame.

Do: Be Polite

Every human you see should be treated with pleasantness and politeness. A bit of road rage at the wrong time could spoil your entire endeavor if you anger the wrong judge. You will be under a great deal of pressure, but do not let that make you lose your cool. Everyone has a job to do an audition. Your job is to show the best version of your abilities and yourself. Being polite is just part of the package.

Don’t: Get Caught Up in Blocking

Physically, keep your audition simple. You can block things later; it will happen when you get the part. Instead, focus on the relationship you are building with other people in the scene. Your actions, not a few physical beats, are the critical part.

Do: Dress Appropriately

Wear clothing that is clean and comfortable; choose something reasonably professional. You need not be extraordinarily dressy but be presentable. Select an outfit that fills you with confidence. Make a choice that is not something you need to fuss with. Neither should you dress too provocatively. You want your performance to be the remembered part, not your body or your need to adjust your garment frequently. As part of preparing, have your headshot and acting resume ready at hand.

Don’t: Make a Face Upon Completion

Much like a golf swing, follow-through is vital in auditions. From the beginning through the end and until you are traveling home, carry yourself with confidence and assurance. Even if you know you missed something or made a mistake, do not let that knowledge appear on your face. Part of acting is being able to bluff your way past such events and keep the show moving. Neither should you say something like, “That was terrible,” when you are done. Keep it professional. Keep it confident.

Some basic dos and don’ts will get you a long way toward a victorious audition. A lot of it is wound up in the attitude you portray. Be sure to put your best foot forward in every respect that you can. Leave an excellent impression for the judges to reflect upon. Practice enough that every move is confident and sure, without the wobbles of uncertainty to reveal that you lacked time or effort. Finally, bring it all out to display when it counts.

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