Likesporting Launches Smart Kart Hoverboard with A Bluetooth Speaker and LED

Posted by David Brian on June 24th, 2021

Likesporting, an online store that provides all sports equipment, introduces a smart kart hoverboard. This product is called a smart product because of the Bluetooth speaker with LED light. The store manager explained, “Technology can be applied in any product even in a self-balancing scooter. The LED light will make this scooter look attractive. It is also safe enough if kids or teenagers ride it at night or in a low-light area. The manufacturer also wants to support users to ride this product comfortably. It is the idea why the store is happy to introduce a Kart Hoverboard with a Bluetooth speaker.” 

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The manufacturer installs a Bluetooth speaker to make sure that users can ride the scooter while listening to their favorite music. The product is even smarter than traditional scooters with the addition of a smart chip. The store manager added, “This product also has a smart chip. This chip ensures that all systems on the scooter work well based on the specifications. Playing with a smart scooter is a good idea to introduce them to technology. This product leads kids or teenagers to play outside without being addicted to mobile phones”. 

Based on the research, 53 percent of 11 years old kids in the U.S. start to have a smartphone. 

Previously, parents gave a smartphone to their kids when they were 13 or 14 years old. The research also explains that even 18 percent of 8 years old kids start to have their smartphones. The store manager stated, “Kids have to be active and not spend all day long with their smartphones. Kids need something attractive to distract their attention while playing with their smartphone. One of the goals of this product is to give an option for kids or teenagers to play outside by riding a smart Kart Hoverboard. They can compete with friends or ride it while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.” The manufacturer also improves this scooter to be more attractive by applying bright colors. Nowadays, users can choose to ride a blue-camouflage, purple-black charcoal, or rose-camouflage pink smart Kart Hoverboard. 

The store manager explained, “This smart scooter is suitable and safe enough for all genders whether they are boys or girls. That’s why it comes with a neutral or masculine color, such as blue and purple, and feminine color, such as pink. The manufacturer also considers safety by considering strong balance, non-slip pedal, and explosion-proof tire. Smart kart hoverboard is safe to ride by kids around 11 to 12 years old or even older.”


About Likesporting:

Likesporting is an online store that offers a variety of sports equipment. The products are not only for adults but also for kids and teenagers. A smart Kart Hoverboard is one of the products for kids and teenagers. 

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