Why do Americans Want to Take the Lead in Eating Transgenic Animals?

Posted by Andrea Brook on January 18th, 2016

The United States government approved a transgenic salmon supplied for human dinner on Nov 19, becoming the first country to eat transgenic animals in the world. Although some consumers and environmental groups oppose the decision, but since the barrier has been compromised by salmon, many experts believes that more transgenic animals put on more countries’ tables may be only a matter of time. This is undoubtedly beneficial to promote the agricultural of the United States and claim the advantages of transgenic animals.

As a fast growing species, the AquAdvantage salmon was bred by Canadian scientists early before 25 years, but the approval process was "long and costly. About 20 years ago, AquaBounty technology began to contact the U.S. Food and drug administration. Until 2010, the U.S. FDA determined the safety of AquAdvantage salmon as traditional salmon, and did not harm to the environment. Then it took another five years to track the approval of the listing.

For the long process of the examination and approval, explanation is that the first approved transgenic animals for human dinner should always be very cautions and more views of the public are needed to be listen and finally a correct decision to be made.

Avoid over fishing in the ocean?

The wild salmon as a food source is not sustainable. Our oceans have been overfished and transgenic animals provides a safe and sustainable alternative, which also opens up the gate of the animal source food production capacity by using biotechnology tools and helps to feed the growing population. But there are also some people believing that the United States has a huge industry interests behind for a lead to achieve in the field of transgenic animal research.

Despite the approval of transgenic salmon is a landmark decision, but at least in a short term it has little impact to consumers.

70% to 80% processed foods in the U.S. market contain transgenic ingredients. transgenic crops have become a part of the U.S. food supply chain. But transgenic animals are still fresh. Perhaps, time will tell us whether transgenic animals will be accepted by consumers or not.

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