California Coastal Commission: A Lawyer?s Perspective

Posted by jackeric on January 18th, 2016

If you are a property owner whose property lies within the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission and you are anticipating any sort of development regarding your property which falls within the jurisdiction of the Coastal Commission, then you are at the right place.
Since its inception, the California Coastal Commission has grown to become one of the most powerful government entities in the state of California, using unconstitutional methods to expand its jurisdiction and power along the state’s beautiful coastline. Coastal Commission lawyers in California at Kassouni Law strive to defend the liberties of property owners who find themselves sandwiched between living their dream of coastal property ownership and the power grab of the Coastal Commission. The Coastal Commission lawyers in California at the Los Angeles and Sacramento offices of Kassouni Law guarantee an unwavering commitment to clients in order to protect clients’ Constitutional property rights, and have the legal results too to back it up.

Unlike other firms, Kassouni Law actually offers seasoned Coastal Commission lawyers in California who litigate exclusively against the California Coastal Commission to uphold the property rights bestowed to every U.S. citizen bestowed by Constitution. To elaborate, when considering hiring Coastal Commission lawyers in California, always look for personal expertise and experience litigating against the Coastal Commission, not the aggregate of the firm as a whole. Further, ask the lawyer if he or she ever represents the government or the California Coastal Commission. If the answer is yes, this may be a conflict of interest. The Coastal Commission lawyers in California at Kassouni Law litigate exclusively against the Commission, never for the Commission, which allows uncompromising advocacy for clients of Kassouni Law. There you’ll find Coastal Commission in California dedicated to understanding the needs, problems, issues of clients while adopting a more personal approach rather than outsourcing assignments to law clerks to have underlings handle a client’s case.

If you are a resident of California and your property rights are being threatened by the California Coastal Commission’s expansionist methods, we will help you in any way possible to protect your rights fairly. If you find yourself up against the Coastal Commission, give Kassouni Law a call where you will find a zealous and experienced advocate in lawyer Timothy Kassouni who will speak with you personally 877-770-7379 and provide you with best consultation as needed. With offices in Sacramento and Los Angeles, the Coastal Commission lawyers serve clients throughout the state of California.

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