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2016 safewow wow gold for sale:sharing your Sweetest Memories of 9 Years Passed

Posted by goldsafe21 on January 18th, 2016

Congratulation to Burning Crusade - nine years ago, this first World of Warcraft expansion was alive, bringing many wow fans back to the game. Nine years passed now, what are your sweetest memories there? Flying mounts, Blood Elves, Paladins/Shaman, or Karazhan raids? Recall those unforgettable stories with safewow before legion comes!

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Most unforgettable memories in TBC

Remember the first time when you rode on your flying mount and gazed into the sky? With flying mounts firstly introduced to The Burning Crusade, the expansion gave players the atmosphere an open-world experience and it was the first time in World of Warcraft's history that players would feel confident. Thus, though it was forbidden for a while in World of Draenor, Blizzard finally gave back the right to fly due to the the intensity of players’ request. The difference is that you need to complete certain achievement to unlock your flying mounts now.
Apart from the flight-exploration, TBC did bring a lot of firsts to world of warcraft. Class was firstly expanded there with Paladins and Shaman (the former for the Horde and the latter for the Alliance), along with it were the addition of Playable Blood Elves and Draenei, as well as the great raids in Karazhan and Black Temple. However, the greatest thing that Burning Crusade brought us would be the return of Illidan Stormrage, and this is the point i want to say what we will get in the upcoming expansion - legion!
Recall TBC in Legion with Illidan’s return

As Legion expansion is in planning, it is a great time to recall the memories in the Burning Crusade about Illidan Stormrage, an important role in Warcraft 3, as well as some Warcraft novels, and important thing that we will revisiting in Legion! Yes, you heard right, when Legion come to live this summer, Illidan will be alive, alongside it is another returning here - Gul'dan. What will exactly happen in 7.0? While recalling the beautiful memory in TBC, make sure you won’t miss anything amazing for the next update!

For many wow fans, Burning Crusade is the greatest expansion of the game. It not only brought they back to WoW, but kept them there. Nine years later, if that still counts for a great deal, you can still relive Burning Crusade by joining in the BC Timewalking weekend. The next Timewalking will come February 24, just buy wow gold safe and cheap on safewow to speed up your process and collect more battle pets, transmog gear and wow mounts!

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