Reinventing the whole idea of roofing in the USA with metal roofing

Posted by UniversalPositions5 on January 18th, 2016

Roofing is sometimes a real issue for architects. The weight of materials like slate on big homes, for example, needs to be factored in. So does the price. For home owners, price and architectural issues are usually a recipe for compromise.

Not any more. New metal roofing is cheap, and able to completely renovate any building. Even the steel roofing prices have gone way down, making bigger, better buildings more affordable and more design-friendly, thanks to new CAD technologies.

If you’re looking at a makeover for a home, a commercial building, or starting from scratch on a new metal roof DIY project, the news is all good:

•    The prices alone are a major cost positive.
•    Installation is easy, quick and efficient.
•    There are no “design limitations” – If your architect or builder can make a roofing plan, you can build it.
•    Easy repairs and low maintenance are making DIY steel roofing a very good option.
•    New aluminum alloy tiles are allowing both design excellence and fabulous new color schemes. Forget “red or gray” – Want gold or green or whatever? You’ve got it.
•    You can literally redesign a building, fix the problems, and add space with new metal roofing design possibilities. There’s no real limit.

For a good example of the very latest in metal roofing, check out a company called Metal Roof Specialties. This is the go-to company in the US for anything and everything to do with metal roofing. You name it; they have it, and they have the very best.
They’re also to at least some extent responsible for the much better cost factors; this is how a market leader influences markets. Their products are cheap, and they ship nationwide.

Their major claim to fame, however, is innovation. They recycle metal roofing. They introduced the new metal alloy roofing tiles. They even do made to measure custom DIY roofing orders for consumers. They also have a range of brand new, up to the second, prefab metal commercial buildings which make your average shopping mall or warehouse look like a barn.

For more information, and to see the new face of metal roofing and what it can do in practice, visit their website here at Expect to be very surprised.

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