Gun Range Orlando R - Etiquette for Novices and Professional Marksmen

Posted by Warner on January 19th, 2016

To help the firing range maintain safety and order, you should also follow the gun range etiquette. Here are the standard rules of etiquette whether you are a novice or a pro marksman.
1. Always Follow the Rules of Gun Safety
The gun safety laws to remember are:
A gun is never empty- Guns are always loaded. Every time you pick up or set down a gun, you have to safety-check it.
Only point a firearm at things you are prepared to destroy- Yes you have safety-checked your weapon, but you can’t afford to be careless with it. Face forward and point your muzzle to the ground when you are not ready to discharge your weapon. Nobody wants you pointing your gun at them.
Be sure of both your target and what lies behind it- Bullets can penetrate the intended target and hit what is behind it.
Until your sights are on your target, keep your finger off the gun trigger- Modern firearms do not discharge “accidentally”. Avoid a negligent discharge by keeping your finger away from the trigger guard.
2. Pay Attention to the Range Officer 
Your West Orange gun range Orlando FL will assign you a Range Officer. You must listen to the range leader. The Range Officer’s duty is to tell you when it’s safe to shoot and when to "Cease Fire!" It’s only by paying attention to the leader that everyone’s safety can be guaranteed.
3. Don’t Shoot Guns That Don’t Comply With the Range Rules 
You must follow the range rules on the acceptable firearms. High-powered rifles can do damage down range.
4. Shoot One Firearm at a Time 
If you brought multiple guns to the range, keep the cartridges separate. Also, have a single gun out and on the shooting line at any given time.
5. Don’t Touch Firearms When the Range Is Cold 
Watch pros at any West Orange gun range Orlando FL. Pros turn frigid when it's cease-fire. They put their guns on the table and step away from them. It’s important to leave your firearms alone until the leader says it’s time to shoot again. Some people may be checking/changing targets or carrying out other maintenance works during the cease-fire. People who are down range will not appreciate anyone playing with a weapon at the line.
6. Don’t Hover
Keep a distance between yourself and an active shooter. Hovering around is annoying and potentially dangerous.
Don’t forget that you are at your favorite gun range Orlando R, to have fun. Follow the range’s rules and the shooters’ etiquette. When everyone can see that everyone else is safety conscious, everyone can relax and have fun.

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