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Posted by jennycooper on January 19th, 2016

A golden sun tan might be the best thing to wear next to makeup, but the beach crowd rather makes it a discouraging prospect. There is little you could do to absorb the sun’s richness of Vitamin D without stepping out in the beach and joining the crowd. Sometimes, that was quite a taxing idea, until now. Mobile spray tanning Plymouth services have taken care of the trouble part of tanning. The sunless tan service is a safer alternative that is not only UV-proof, but also offers an even pallor on the skin without tan lines. How then mobile spray tan Plymouth service works?

Tanner Contents

Spray tanners work with a plain solution of carbohydrate, the lab name of which is dihydroxyacetone. This component is derived from sugarcane. Alternatively, it is extracted from glycerin through fermentation. The browning of the skin is not a result of dye in the solution. Instead, tanning occurs when the tanner reacts chemically with amino acid chains present in the expired cells of the skin’s dead layers. Scientifically, that is compared with roasting of potatoes where the skin of the vegetable turns brown. Mobile spray tanning Plymouth is not damaging to the skin, nor to the cells present in any layer.

Days to Months

Spray tans lasts about 10 days or more, depending on the nature of your skin. Oily skin gets a better tan than dry texture, but the former loses the color easier because of sebum secretion. If you have more than one event to attend with the tan, then you can make it last longer. Ask your tan parlor to use tanners that have erythrulose in them. That should be in addition to the carbohydrate component to leave a darker tan that doesn’t lighten easily.

Safe Tanning

Mobile spray tanning is always safer in contrast to automatic spray tanning in tan booths. The latter might cost you a lot less, but one is likely to catch serious side effects from the automatic jets. Since the jets are automated, they often squirt on the face and eyes, which can have irritations. Even, they can sometimes get into mouth and nose and that can look ridiculous afterwards. So, even if it sounds convenient, using spray guns with mobile tanning is a much better option. Tanning is not just about the color, but is also about the final look.

Convenience and Quality Assured

Everybody from celebs to teens prefers using mobile tanning to get the perfect sun kissed color. It’s comfortable, quality and skin nourishing in some ways. The parlors use high-end tanners that are approved by dermatologists. So, quit waiting in the beeline outside faux tan parlors for a remotely appropriate tan job and switch to mobile spray tan Plymouth. Talk to the nearest facility today to learn more about the service and its pricing.

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