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Posted by jennycooper on January 19th, 2016

In recent times, Spray Tan Training Plymouth is soon picking up trends among the beautiful women who love to flaunt a golden radiant look. Spray tanning is one of the most sought after beauty treatments to get the perfect dusky and tanned look. Normally, tanning is a natural process, where the sun casts its rays on the skin tone and burns it. The skin exposed to the bright UV rays automatically gets tanned in the process. But this natural process is extremely harmful for the skin as the harsh UV rays cause various deadly skin diseases, including skin cancer. Therefore, maximum people are seeking refuge in the artificial tanning products or procedures. These products give you the same result, minus the adverse effects of getting exposed to the sun.

The market is flooded with various sunless tanning products but spray tanning is widely popular due to its no side effect aspect and safe feature. The professionals are formally trained to carry out spray tanning in a perfect manner. to start off with the whole procedure, the therapist need to spray a fine layer of tanning solution on your body, using a special equipment known as HVLP turbo unit. After getting done with the spraying part, you will be asked to wait for few minutes so that the solution gets absorbed in to the epidermal layers of your skin and gets dried. The solution comprises of DHA or dihydrxyacetone and you have to give some time for this component to interact with the myriad dead cells found in the epidermal layer. Owing to the interaction of DHA and dead cells, the skin colour undergoes such drastic change and makes your skin look tanned. This effect takes 45-60 minutes to visually appear and lasts for a period of 7 days. The tanning procedure has to be repeated at periodic intervals becau
se the skin faces regeneration, once in every 35-45 days, so reapplication is a must.

Besides all this, you have to apply sunscreen always before heading out into the sun in order to maintain the perfect tanned look. Apart from this, you have to refrain from bathing, swimming or showering, at least up to 6 hours from the time of procedure. With the increasing demand of Mobile Spray Tan Plymouth, people are becoming more prone to take up Spray Tan Training Plymouth courses and excel in being certified therapist. Since this industry does not need much start up capital or any high educational degree, people are looking forward to it for self-employment purposes. These types of courses are quite affordable and can easily be attended in schools, salons and home. But, just make sure the institute from which you are learning is genuine and teaches well.

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