Mobile Spray Tan Plymouth: How To Get Tanned Without Leaving Home

Posted by jennycooper on January 19th, 2016

Tanning is not only confined to the beach people anymore. You can easily get that solid golden complexion without leaving the premises of your home, courtesy Mobile Spray Tan Plymouth. Tanning at home is considered to be harmless and most effective. Moreover, it has eliminated the use of harmful UV radiations of the sun, thereby ensuring safest alternative as compared to the hazardous natural tanning process.

Components in spray container

Basically spray containers consist of dihydroxyacetone or DHA, a simple carbohydrate that is extracted from sugarcane or by fermenting glycerine. The moment the tanner is sprayed on the smooth skin, the content chemically reacts with the amino acids present in the dead skin cells to change the colour of your skin. Gradually, the skin colour tends to get changed in some brownish shade. You can easily compare this process with roasting potatoes, but over here the skin cells do not bore any damage. Although this process does not last for longer durations, it is highly effective. Maximum it can last for 10-12 days but if you include erythrulose along with DHA, your tanning can last a little longer.

Reasons to consider mobile spray tanning:

Safe technique - The tanner booths where the tanning solution is sprayed automatically tends to be causing some serious issues. In such cases, it is quite common for the tanning solution to get inside your eyes, nose or mouth. Besides that, it won’t be able to tan your entire body entirely. Whereas Mobile Spray Tan Plymouth is considered to be safer and more effective as over here, the solution is applied to the skin using an air gun. So, the solution is evenly sprayed and almost covers the entire body.

Quality check

If you have fetishes on high quality, then you should definitely seek refuge in mobile spray tanning. Natural tanning involves basking under the harmful UV rays of scorching sun, but by spending long hours directly under the sun may result in harmful physical disorders, like skin cancer, skin discolouration and pigmentation. So, to avoid such absurdities, home tanning by using sprays is the safest way to tan, minus the side-effects. The ingredients that are used in tanning solutions are safe and clinically approved for cosmetic use. It can give you tanned skin for 10-12 days, without damaging your skin-tone.


What can be better than getting tanned in your own home! With professionals from Spray Tan Training Plymouth visiting your home, carrying all the necessary equipments for tanning, you can easily arrange sessions for yourself and your friends. It ensures privacy coupled with efficiency and proficiency. This kind of services is mainly hired before parties, where you have to look your best and that perfect shimmery bronze complexion will completely woo your friends.

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