Everything you need to know about Golf Turf Maintenance Equipment

Posted by baroness on January 19th, 2016

Massachusetts is a New England state known for its colonial history and rich cultural heritage. It has a beautiful amalgamation of lush greenery and an old-school charm. Massachusetts is considered to be an ideal place for luxurious and royal sport especially Golf through generations. To enjoy a wonderful golfing experience, golf turfs are needed to be well-maintained and organized. There are innumerable agencies of golf turf maintenance, Massachusetts. These companies provide labor and equipment to keep the golf turf green and make it fit for playing. Listed below are different types of equipment used for golf turf maintenance, Massachusetts. Each serves a different purpose.

1. Mowing Equipment: The most important practice to maintain a golf turf on a routine basis is mowing. Separate mowers are required for each area. Green mowers are possibly the most important ones of all because it prepares the playing area in the field. Plenty of green mowers can be required for maintaining golf turf and that depends on many factors. For example, the size of the greens, transit times through the course, the amount of maintenance required and finally the maintenance budget. Some other types of mowers can be tee mowers, collar mowers, intermediate rough mowers etc.

2. Cultivation Equipment: Cultivating a golf field works very differently from the way any other field tilled by farmers. The golf course superintendents need a thorough understanding of the type of land and soil to go through this process. Aeration is one very important and inevitable evil. It is required for certain reasons for example:

  1. Reduce soil compaction

  2. Promote gas exchange

  3. Adjust organic matter accumulation

  4. Improve water infiltration

  5. Provide avenues in soil for deepening of roots

3. Topdressing Equipment: Post aeration, topdressing is performed. It is majorly dependent on turf grass species and soil composition. It is used to fill aeration holes by spreading sand across the turf canopy. It adds a smooth surface to the turf and helps in the ongoing organic matter accumulation. It also forms the playing surface making it easy for the golfers to play. Topdressing units or equipment usually come in a belt-driven model but a new spinning disc variety has also made its way into the turf maintenance scenario.

4. Specialty Equipment: New equipment that is being used these days is Soil Moisture Meter. It measures the volumetric water and salt content in the soil. This tool has been very helpful in making the routine irrigation decisions and helps in water management as well. Other specialty equipment includes USGA Stimpmeter for a digitally measured grain speed percentage. Also, oscillation fans are being used a lot for minimal disease development and keeping the greens cool in summers.

As it is believed, golf players are more fascinated towards a lush and rich looking turf, Golf turf maintenance in Massachusetts is taking novel steps towards making the golf turfs strong and fit for playing.

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John Hamm is an avid blogger diligently writing and spreading awareness about lifestyle issues and aspects. He was born and brought up in New York but moved to Massachusetts a few years back.

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