Stunning Indian Open Kitchen For A Small House

Posted by Kings Wood N Kraft on June 25th, 2021

"Good food is the best way to make a house feel like a home." - RachaelRay, American television personality.

Indian open kitchen designs are becoming more popular. These designs are easy to integrate with your living space and add elegance. These units are easy to install and save space. Open kitchens no longer require large spaces. Modern kitchen cabinets and space-saving units allow for even small spaces to be accommodated. Open kitchens in India are a great way to bring your entire family together. While you cook, your kids can watch your favorite series. You can also keep an eye on their homework and wine while you dine out with your friends. You can also display your kitchen accessories and expensive crockery. An open kitchen creates the illusion of space and gives depth to your decor. If you prefer a little privacy, you can still create a delineation using fancy partitions and breakfast counters. Let's take a look at some Indian open-kitchen designs that you can use in your own home.

Indian Open Kitchen in Pink and White

The open kitchen in pinks and whites is soothing. The quartz countertop with a patterned backsplash breaks up the monotony. If you love to cook with your family, this spacious kitchen is ideal. Factory finishes are also kid-friendly. Enjoy your favorite Netflix series while you cook at the breakfast counter, which has two comfortable stools.

Semi-Open Kitchen with a Partition

A fancy partition is a smart choice if you want to give your kitchen privacy, and create a barrier between your living space and your kitchen. The partition gives your kitchen a little privacy without making it appear cluttered. This partition is great for guests who aren't very picky about cleaning up after their meals or if they don't care as much about dishes.

Indian Open Kitchen Design for Your Living Room

The open kitchen design is seamless with the living area. For maximum natural light reflection, you can use glossy laminates or lacquered glasses. This will give the space a spacious feel. To keep your living room and kitchen smoke-free, you will need an inbuilt chimney. The laminate wood looks great with your living room furniture. The black cabinets make a striking contrast and stand out. This open kitchen is ideal for small families who appreciate their space and want it to be minimalistic and modern.

Design Your Open Kitchen With Gorgeous Lights

A small, open kitchen needs light to stand out. To add drama and interest to your kitchen, you can use ornamental pendant lights or cabinets with backlights. These lights can also be used to brighten up your living space and add a bit of excitement to your house parties.

Modern Open Kitchen with a Wine Rack

An open wine rack will add a touch of luxury to your modern Indian open-kitchen setup. You have ample space to display your wine collection.

Indian Open Kitchen in Pantone Colours

This beautiful Pantone color open-kitchen design is a must-have for anyone who loves to be trendy. The bright yellow brings a sense of joy and vibrance to space, while the elegant grey contrasts with the starkness of the vibrant yellow. This combination of colors creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen. This color is great for creating a youthful, modern cooking space.

Compact Kitchen with Modern Storage Units

Clutter-free storage and display space are essential components of an Indian open kitchen. It is not only bad for the appearance of your Indian open kitchen but also the living space. Modern storage will make the most of every corner. Modern storage options such as pantry pullouts and tall units, pantry pullouts, high units, appliance garages, bi-lift cabinets, magic corner, and tall units will make it easy to organize your crockery, utensils, and groceries.

A Multifunctional Kitchen Island in a Modern Open Kitchen

A kitchen island can be multifunctional and a great addition to any kitchen. Kitchen islands are great for those who love to cook together. It can be used for cooking and entertaining. To improve the functionality of your kitchen, you can install a sink or a hop. To store your cookbooks, crockery and utensils, add a base cabinet on your kitchen island. You can make your kitchen island a hub for entertaining guests and enjoying quick meals by adding fashionable high chairs.

Modern Open Kitchen with Glossy Laminates and Marble Flooring

Glossy laminates or marble flooring give any space a luxurious feel. Marble flooring and gloss laminates are great options if you want to add a touch of elegance to your cooking. Laminates that reflect light well make your kitchen appear larger than it actually is. Marble will add the traditional Indian touch to an Indian open kitchen. The kitchen will feature modular furniture, a modern finish, and conventional marble flooring. This kitchen is a perfect mix of traditional and modern elements. It's authentically Indian. Kings wood n kraft is the leading modular kitchen manufacturer in Ghaziabad.

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