Silestone worktops to beautify your kitchen

Posted by juanoliv3 on January 20th, 2016

When you talk about worktops nothing can substitute granite; that is the usual perception. Although a popular choice, granite has its downsides too. It is porous and requires frequent resealing. When designing your utility spaces like kitchen, you choose rely on products that look good and are useful at the same time. Silestone, a mixed material derived from quartz, has that appeal. It is available in many unique colours, patterns and finishes and therefore is widely preferred by a large number of customers worldwide. More and more people are opting for Silestone worktops and Corian worktops for their kitchens today since these are resistive to rough handling and are also durable. Corian is a material that was first manufactured by DuPont and the range was named Corian before other houses took to manufacturing it.

Granite worktops have the best finish and are accordingly expensive and also difficult to maintain. If you have a big kitchen installation or renovation budget only then should you think of granite because ideally, worktops should cost you 20-30% of your budget. This is one reason why substitute materials are gaining so much popularity in the business. Corian worktops are the most popular and have been so ever since their inception. They are versatile and experts recommend installing a Corian sink fitted onto your worktop, as its seamless look adds an extra appeal to your kitchen. Silestone worktops are equally popular among both domestic and commercial enterprises. Its marble finish and variety of colours makes it quite appealing.

When high budget is a constraint in kitchen renovations, Corian worktops are the cheapest and best solution. Silestone would be little more expensive an investment, clearly explaining the excessive popularity of Corian worktops. There are a number of reputed vendors all over the world that stock different types of Silestone worktops and Corian variety as well. The alluring patterns coupled with affordable price tags make them a wise buy.

Granite worktops have a disadvantage that they need to be sealed every few years. Appearance wise, granite does not have much variation. It is glossy and elegant, but is not as appealing as Silestone worktops or other solid stone worktops. Corian worktops or even Silestone give you durability as well resistance to the many scratches and chippings a kitchen countertop is subjected to. Both Corian and Slestone are appropriate for homes.

Advantages of using these synthetic worktops with a natural finish are many. Corian worktops are seamless in which joining lines are not visible. They are stain resistant and you will be surprised at the number of designs and styles you can choose from. You can also custom style your worktop if you happen to have a flair for interior designing. It is quick and inexpensive to repair unlike granite worktops and you have a wide variety of colour choices. Silestone worktops, apart from offering good variety in colour choice, is easy to maintain. A swipe with a wet cloth is all that is needed to keep it clean. So, if you want a budget renovation of your kitchen, you should definitely try these solid stone countertops.

Corian worktops and Silestone worktops are appealing and durable and yet affordable.

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