Comparing quartz worktops and granite worktops for your kitchen worktop

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on January 20th, 2016

Granite worktops look and feel great with timeless appeal, value addition and their natural sheen. However, they require a heavy investment which not all of us can afford to make. So, what can be the alternative to granite, which looks and feels like one but doesn’t come with the same price tag or maintenance perks? How about quartz worktops? They are made with a combination of quartz and polymer resin, with the percentage of quartz being up to ninety-three per cent. So, this makes quartz as good as granite, with a more affordable price and easier to maintain.

The choice will definitely be influenced with the exposure to heat, scratch, oil spill, chopping actions, dirt and detergent. The worktop that can live through all these will stand good as well. Then there are aesthetics to consider too. Let’s see how these points help us in making a choice.  

From the point of view of being durable, there is no question to the fact that granite worktops win hands down. Being a naturally strong stone that can withstand high temperature differences and pressure, it is definitely more durable than quartz worktops. Quartz is not pure granite, hence will be less durable than the purer version of it. Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth. So, there are no two ways about the fact that it is more durable than any other material used to create worktops.

If you are someone who prefers a natural look and can choose from limited varieties then go for granite worktops. Granite comes with lesser varieties than quartz worktops being a natural stone, but it has a timeless appeal about it and natural appeal. Quartz, on the other hand, being synthetically engineered will give you greater number of choices when it comes to colour variations and textures. So, here it is more about your perspective of aesthetic sense which will decide for you.  

Costs of installation and maintenance
With quartz worktops, you wouldn’t require to have it polished and sealed quite often. A care kit will be available with your quartz worktop installation. Cost of installation is higher in case of granite worktops, though it doesn’t need regular polishing etc., unless you opt for a finish that requires to be taken care of.

Granite worktops can do just fine for someone who prefers nothing less than natural materials for furnishing their house, especially if it is a traditionally decorated house. Granite would go best as the kitchen worktop in such a situation. It is a natural stone and conditioned naturally to be durable and withstand heat and pressure. But not everyone could be able to get it as they would like to, as it is priced slightly on the higher side. So, the obvious choice would be to go for quartz worktops which look and feel like granite and they are easy on the pockets as well. Quartz being synthetically engineered makes it easier to take care of stains, which granite doesn’t take to quite well.

There are several pros and cons of using both quartz worktops and granite worktops. Choose according to your preference and budget.

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