How a Stylish iPhone Case Matches with Your Personality

Posted by kamal on January 21st, 2016

Just like your choices in fashion such as clothes, shoes and jewelry, your choice in a stylish iPhone case can provide clues about your personality. This is why you must carefully consider your choices in iPhone cases because your choice will reflect your personality.

You may even have to change iPhone cases depending on the situation for the purpose of making a good impression on others. For example, you may want to swap your casual animal print iPhone case with a walnut iPhone case for business purposes, such as during corporate meetings, job interviews, and client meetings.

Classic iPhone Case

Your choice in a classicminimal iPhone case(i.e., no frills) may mean that you want a durable, simple and practical case that can be displayed in virtually all occasions from casual dates to corporate meetings, even for formal gala events. You want to do away with the bells and whistles while focusing on the most important functions of a smartphone case –added protection against the dents, nicks and scratches that come with regular use.

Walnut or Wool Case

Your preference for luxurious materials, such as world-class walnut or wool, for iPhone cases can mean that you want the best things in life. You may also want one of the best smartphones since these were invented to have the best possible protective case – and iPhone is definitely the cream of the crop! Your choice in either a walnut or wool iPhone case will make other admire your personal style, too, especially when your iPhone is the latest version.

Crystal or Rhinestone-studded Case

You are probably a diva who loves her femininity, as expressed in bright, colorful, and beautiful rhinestones, as well as her confident personality. You may also be a person who loves attracting attention especially when it comes to your fashion choices, which harks back to the glitz and glamour of the red carpet with its bright lights. Besides, you just love sparkly things to complement your sparkly personality.

Printed Case

You may have a printed case, which can be animal prints (e.g., cheetah or leopard), cartoons and comics book print (e.g., Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse), and photos and texts (e.g., personalized cases). You want to express your unique personality in a way that virtually screams, “This is me!”or you want to tell your story via your iPhone case or you are proud of your roots, among other reasons.

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