Do Stained Glass Bolton Services Reinforce Broken Windows?

Posted by tedmark on January 21st, 2016

When your windowpanes break, it becomes a security hazard because it exposes the interior to outside elements, like weather, eavesdroppers and so on. At this point, you need to hire stained glass Bolton experts who specialize in reinforcing broken windows so that the sanctity of your household remains protected. On being summoned, such services, like stained glass St Helens, send their personnel and when the technicians visit your home, they examine and identify the broken windowpanes that actually need to be replaced.

However, before you invite stained glass St Helens contractors to reinforce the broken windows, it is necessary that you inspect the windows for clues that may necessitate repairs and renovations. Some of the tell-tale signs that you must look out for are whether the windows are buckling or on the point of bulging and if there are any cracks, especially at the joints. You must also observe if the windows are not properly protected and whether they are turning white as a result of oxidation. If you value security and privacy, it is necessary to have the broken windows reinforced.  

On arrival, the experts start by measuring the frames to determine the right size of glasses that actually need to be replaced. They do this by measuring both ways across the opening from the outside as also the inside edges.  For every measurement taken, they subtract 1/8 to 1/16 inch on either way before they cut the glasses to the required sizes. In addition to this, stained glass Bolton services may instruct you to purchase glaziers points and clips to be installed around the pane. Thus, it is imperative for such professionals to come equipped with a tool kit that is comprised of knife, hammer, safety goggles, gloves and other specialized equipment.

After installing the window panes, stained glass Bolton technicians will role a cord of glazer’s compound and press it firmly into the frame joints. They will then use a putty knife to smoothen the compound along around the pane. The knife should be used to cut compounds off and spread it evenly on the frame and the glass. To ensure that the blade of the knife does not stick or pull the glazier, the technicians dip it into the linseed oil. Long and smooth strokes are used to keep the joint even and smooth.

Stained glass St Helens professionals use blade and glass scrapper to remove any excess glazier compound from frames and the new glass. The compound is then allowed to dry after which the technicians can help you paint it so that it matches the rest of the frame.  The paint should be left to dry before cleaning the glasses. To reinforce the windows and prevent cracks, stained glass technicians should score an arc using a glass cutter beyond a crack and ensure that it is curved around. They must also chisel out any hardened putty from the frame and if there are any holes left, a nail polish or shellac may be used to fill the hole.

Broken windows is an aspect that no-one can live with for long and this is where stained glass St Helens comes in. Not only do professionals employed by stained glass Bolton services need to be well eqipped but should also be well trained and adept at various aspects related to this task.

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